30 April 2016

The Bouquet List

The Bouquet List

Barbara DeLeo

The Bouquet List by Barbara DeLeo

Reviewed by Helen

I have had this one on my TBR pile for quite some time and with the second book in this series coming out in May I needed to get this one read I had heard lots of good things about it and they were all correct what a great fun story this one was I thoroughly enjoyed it from page one.

Yasmin Katsalos has returned home to her family after nearly dying with Dengue fever while studying for her PHD in Borneo, she decides to make a bouquet list and make sure she gets it done firstly dye her hair get a piercing and to do what she wants in life rather than what everyone else wants plus a few other things. Yasmin comes from a Greek family that runs a wedding reception venue and when she returns home there is a problem her mother has returned to Greece and her father is going after her mother and leaving the Aegean Palace in her hands with renovations to be done in steps her brother's best friend Lane Griffiths the guy Yasmin had always had a crush on could he be no 5 on her list?

Lane Griffiths didn't have much of a family life growing up passed from mother to father but what he had was his best friend Nick Katsalos's family a big Greek and oh so family orientated one. Lane has made a name for himself in the restaurant business and is in between jobs at the moment so when he is asked by Mr Katsalos to help oversee the renovations on the Aegean Place and restaurant he gladly agrees he has a spare month the do so. But when he meets up with Nick's sister Yasmin who is so different from what he remembers this is going to change so much in his life.

Really this book will have you laughing and turning the pages this is a fabulous story about families best friends and doing what you want in life. Seeing conservative Lane open up when Yasmin pushes a little and seeing Yasmin changing was very uplifting. I highly recommend this book there are lots of emotions and love and joy that come to life on the pages the characters are real and alive and fresh bring on book two.

4/5 stars for a fun filled story

Published September 15th 2014 by Entangled: Bliss            

28 April 2016

Inherited by Ferranit

Inherited by Ferranit

Kate Hewitt

Inherited by Ferranti by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Helen

I found this book emotional and moving and such a great read from start to finish MS Hewitt has taken two people who have suffered in the past on a journey to sunshine at the end it is a rocky path but the epilogue is so good.

Sierra Rocci has led a childhood of emotional and physical abuse from a strong willed father who also controlled her mother but her mother was in love and no matter what Sierra said her mother would not listen so when her father found someone that he felt Sierra should marry at the age of nineteen Sierra agrees to get away from her father. But Sierra cannot go through with it and jilts Marco at the alter and takes off to start a new life in London never to return to Palermo until the reading of her father's will where she again meets the man she jilted and he is angry and wants answers Sierra is determined to be strong but can she resist this man.

Marco Ferranti had been an orphan he had a tough childhood but worked his way up from bellboy at one of the Rocci hotels in Palermo when he is taken under the wing of none other than the owner Arturo Rocci he treats him like a son and Marco works his way up to second in charge and is more than happy to meet his daughter the beautiful Sierra yes marriage to Sierra will be good it won't be a love match Marco doesn't need that everyone he has ever loved has left him but they will be friends and have a good family life, so when Sierra jilts him he is left shocked and angry but also wanting answers why?

Seven years later when they meet again Sierra is still beautiful but has grown and matured she seems stronger but Marco still wants answers and when Arturo leaves everything to Marco Sierra is not surprised at all and after an evening spent together this leaves them both wanting more but Sierra goes back to London. But when a new hotel is opening in New York Marco needs Sierra to help with the opening she agrees reluctantly. I can highly recommend this book it is a sizzling sensual journey that opens up a lot of dark secrets and makes them both realize they need to be open and honest for love to bloom and the sunshine at the end of the journey to shine and shine it does this one had me smiling and shedding a few tears. This really is a great story. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

  Published March 22nd 2016 by Harlequin (first published March 15th 2016)             


25 April 2016

Through the Storm (From Kenya With Love #3)

Through the Storm (From Kenya With Love #3)

Rula Sinara

Through the Storm by Rula Sinara

Reviewed by Helen

WOW what a moving emotional story I fell into this one from the start the setting is just glorious the characters are strong and so full of life and so easy to love.

Tessa Henning has always needed a bit of reassurance in her life her parents worked hard on a boat looking at survival of the animals and Tessa worried she was very close to her sister Maria. Maria married her childhood sweetheart Allen and Tessa had always had a kind of friendship with Allen's Brother Mac when they were teenagers but she was always wary of his daredevil ways that was not for her. Tessa married Brice Henning a very wealthy South African business man and lives a quiet life with him, but when tragedy strikes and her sister and brother in law are killed and Tessa and Mac are made joint guardians of their son Nick but this in turn will bring her closer to Mac is this what Tessa needs.

Mac Walker is a pilot working around The Serengeti taking travellers on sight seeing tours but also volunteering with animal rescue and helping with tracing herds and poachers he is still a stubborn and strong will male who does everything he can to save the wildlife of Africa but his business is not doing so well and when Tessa arrives on his doorstep with Nick this will make major changes in his life.

This is such a fabulous story of strength love and caring as together Tessa and Mac with so many friends uncover a major Ivory poaching ring, Tessa is so determined to help even if it ends her marriage but with the growing spark between her and Mac a re-kindled love from their teen years that neither had acknowledged then. Truly this one is going to bring you to tears and make you smile as MS Sinara makes you feel like you are in Africa and helping these characters save the animals and cheering Mac and Tessa on the other characters in this story play such a big part and as this is the third book in the From Kenya With Love series it was also great catching up with old friends. I highly recommend this story you will not be disappointed.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Published April 19th 2016 by Harlequin

24 April 2016

Daring Her Seal by Anne Marsh

27238067Review by TashNz | 4 Stars

Such a fun story!

Levi, a Seal on a mission of a lifetime, to get unmarried - but it doesn't take him long to figure out he quite likes this marriage gig.  But Levi's the  fun one, the one that makes you smile, that appears to have his life motto as fun.fun.fun but when he's accidentally married to Ashley Dixon, Ashley is the realist and knows marriage isn't just fun fun fun.  It's back to Fantasy Island they go.  Daring Levi to a week of no sex seems to be easy at the start because, after all, Levi is a Navy Seal and he's trained to win and survive at all costs!  What he didn't count on was his plan to backfire.

Stuck on an island, with a cyclone raging, cocktails and a sexy game of truth or dare... marriage proposals... what can go wrong?

Loved this story, it made me laugh and it made me cry.  The cover doesn't indicate how fun it is and makes Daring her Seal to appear quite a serious and intense story - it's not - it's the sun coming out after a storm kinda story.  Everything you could want for a Sunday morning read.

I give a happy four stars to Book 3 of the Uniformly Hot series.  Very very stoked to have receive an advanced ready copy from Netgalley.

23 April 2016

The Most Scandalous Ravensdale by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Helen | 5 Stars

This is the fourth book in the Ravensdale series and what a beauty it is I have thoroughly enjoyed them all so far and was eagerly awaiting the last Ravensdale Kat although her journey to become a Ravensdale is far from what her brothers and sister had and Kat is feisty and so loveable as family lawyer Flynn Carlyon will find out.

Kat Winwood is an only child with a single mother and has led a very under privileged life moving around with her mother but she has always wanted to be an actress and has worked hard to get a start. Just before her mother passes away she finally tells Kat who her father is, none other than the famous actor Richard Ravensdale wow Kat is a love child and when her father sets his lawyer Flynn on the case to get Kat to attend a party to meet him and her brothers and sister and Flynn is nothing but persistent while Kat keeps refusing but with the spark between them this starts a journey for Kat that will change her life in such a great way.

Flynn Carlyon never loses and he will get Kat to this party. Flynn has been through a failed relationship that changed his life and he has issues from his childhood that add to his determination to stay single but this pull that Kat causes is troubling Flynn, and when she moves next door to house sit and there is a small accident that brings them closer together and with Cricket Flynn's dog added to the mix there is not denying the electrical spark between them.

I loved this story it is so very sensual and moving as Kat who needs a bit of confidence building and the gorgeous Flynn journey to a beautiful HEA one that will have you smiling. This book was such an awesome read with characters that are so real and alive and the internal dialogue from Kat will have you laughing and with Kat finally meeting her family and becoming a part of a proper family. I can highly recommend this one you will not be disappointed MS Milburne knows how to pull a reader in with her magical stories thank you for another fabulous story that will be on my keeper shelf.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Published April 19th 2016 by Harlequin

Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

What a delight is was to read Flynn and Kat's happy ever after!

Flynn has featured through out the Ravensdale series as the lawyer responsible for hunting down the Ravensdale's illegitimate daughter.  Flynn is absolutely taken with aspiring theatre actress Kat and in The Most Scandalous Ravensdale, he manages to have her house sit next door after Kat relentlessly avoiding him and even losing jobs for it.  Top of his priority list is to get her to "the party" but as he gets to know her more, getting to "know" Kat more becomes top of his priority list.  Kat has absolutely no desire to meet the man who paid to get rid of her but is quite attracted to Flynn and together the two, often very very humorously start building a friendship.

What I loved most about this book was Melanie Milburnes humor and way with words.  Absolutely delightful.   Some of my examples are:

She got out of her car and pretended she didn’t notice how out of place it looked sandwiched between his showroom-perfect BMW and the silver Mercedes. It looked like a donkey at the starting gates at Royal Ascot.

Nothing would have given her more pleasure than to smash up his pride and joy. To reverse her car at full throttle time and time again. Crash. Bang. Crash. Bang. Crash. Bang.

He gave a loose shrug of a very broad shoulder. Did he row for England? Work out? Lift bulldozers in the gym?

He ducked back out from under the crime-scene tape in his mind that blocked him from thinking of how desperate he had felt back then.

Something that made this story unique was Kat's conversations with herself.  She talked to herself to sort situations and it was really really funny and quite cute!  Loved it!

Refreshing story and a fitting wrap up to end the Ravensdales.

Review by Cheryl | 5 Stars

Kat Winwood cannot seem to get away from hotshot lawyer Flynn Carlyon. Kat does not want to be associated with the Ravensdale’s after how her father treated her mother. Kat has had nothing but a troubled upbringing thanks to her father. Her father is non-other than the Richard Ravensdale and she is the unwanted secret love child. 

She is short on cash and she house sits for a family with a cat. Now she finds out that Flynn is her neighbor. First he is at the coffee shop she works at then now at the house next door. Can she ever be rid of him? Kat after her mother passed away has made a living for herself and had paid for her mother’s funeral. That was has left her a little more short on funds than normal. 
Having read the other books in the Ravensdale Scandals series I had to read this one and it certainly did not disappoint me.

Would Kat and Flynn hook up since they were now neighbors at least for a while? Melanie Milburne books will get you hooked and you will not be able to put it down!

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Writing a review for a Melanie Milburne book is not difficult because she writes nothing but fabulous books. This is the conclusion of her series and again she has written a story that you will not put down till finished so leave enough time and have no interruptions. This is about the Kat Winwood, the rightful Ravensdale heir, that doesn't want to be found and is contented in her life but that won't happen with Flynn Carlyon. Flynn never accepts defeat and he is cynical enough to use what ever means he must to get Kat to bend to his will. Kat has had nothing but heartache over the scandalous heritage so she wants no part of it. Two strong willed people one Fantastic Author and you are in for a wonderful story . Loved it and every one of them if its by Ms. Milburne its a guaranteed 5 star book. loved every one of them.

Review by Lynn | 5 Stars

Melanie Milburne saved the best for last with this fourth and final book in the Ravensdale Scandals series! Leading up to this one, we saw the three Ravensdale children find true love and start their happily-ever-afters, and in this book, we get to meet the secret love-child of their father that we've heard so much about.

Kat Winwood wants nothing to do with her father, whose identity she only recently learned. She doesn't trust him or anyone associated with him, but unfortunately his hotshot lawyer won't take no for an answer!

Flynn Carlyon is not only the Ravensdale family's trusted lawyer, but also a dear family friend. He's determined to bring Kat into the family fold ... but he also has his own reasons for not walking away when she rejects his overtures. The sizzling attraction that has been between them since they first met burns hot! Will he be able to convince her to give in to it

Review by Amanda | 5 Stars

I have been anticipating this story for a long time. I wanted to read all about Kat Winwood’s journey since she sashayed into the Ravensdale clan’s lives. She piqued my interest from the start and now I get to tell you my verdict on her new life. The fourth book in the Ravensdale miniseries, The Most Scandalous Ravensdale by Melanie Milburne is one heck of a story. Drama abounds between the pages and there is never a dull moment. The entertainment quota is high and the romance between Flynn Carlyon and Kat Winwood sizzles! This is one hot story you wouldn’t want to miss. Ms. Milburne writes with an easy flow as she sheds light into the lives of her characters bringing out their depth, their soul to the eyes of the reader. 

Kat Winwood never knew her father growing up, however on her mother’s death bed her mother—who’d raised her singlehandedly—reveals a life changing truth. The identity of her father… From that moment on, Kat’s life had never been the same. Then in walks her father’s lawyer, a man set in his ways. What happens between them will keep you entranced until the end as their story unfolds!

Review by Alexia | On it's way

17 April 2016

Tempted by Hollywood's Top Doc by Louisa George

Product DetailsTempted by Hollywood's Top Doc (book 3 in the Hollywood Hills Clinic Series)

Louisa George

Reviewed by Helen

Well what can I say this one was an absolute joy to read so many emotions our hero Dr Jake Lewis has the best sense of humour as well as being one good looking Doc and Heroine British born Lola Bennett makes me smile with her come backs at Jake as she endeavours to keep up with all the work her actress boss throws her way and do the thing that she wants most.

Lola has lived a life of acting and drama classes with her loving parents pushing her that way she is the best they say so when she moves from England to Los Angeles and the heart of Hollywood and writes a script because that is what Lola really wants, she is working for actress Cameron Fontaine as her PA and that has her working her butt off but it gets her closer to people she needs to give her script to but she needs a bit more confidence to do so but her life is about to do a full turnaround when she meets the impressive Dr Jake when he comes for a house call for Cameron their first meeting will have you smiling.

Dr Jake Lewis has come to work in The Hollywood Hills Clinic so as he can pay back his parents for all that they have done for him but with a stubborn father this is not going as planned Jake is a top neuro-surgeon and is good at his work and he is not happy about having to do house calls on the set of a movie but it is part of the job so off he goes and the first person he meets is the PA she is cute British and he is blindsided by her looks and personality and comes to the wrong conclusion about Lola this is going to be a fun journey as he learns so much more about her.

And what a journey to the best HEA through ups and downs and a very sensual pull between two people who have already decided on their futures and that is that their jobs come first but as they get closer and end up on the Island of Nassau for filming they cannot resist each other anymore and a sizzling affair begins but both are sure it will be a short one (I don't think so). This really is a magical story that had me laughing smiling and shedding few tears as Jake opens up to Lola and although they both deny their love for a while in the end the cannot deny it this is a beautiful story that I highly recommend this is one for the keeper shelf and it will be re read many times over MS George brings the characters to life on the pages I loved this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: May 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical

The Sheikh's Last Mistress by Rachael Thomas

The Sheikh's Last Mistress by Rachael Thomas
Reviewed by Helen

This is a story of an innocent with secrets that force her to make decisions about her future and a duty and honour bound man who is drawn to Destiny like no other woman, their journey is filled with the ebb and flow of should I should I not Destiny has no idea where these feelings are coming from only that she needs this man for a short affair but when there are consequences the domineering man steps in and Destiny is torn this is what she has been trying to get away from and she is so scared she must open up about her close held secret but true love might take a bit to feel but when they do the sky lights up with a million stars, I highly recommend this story if you love Sheikhs and deserts with strong and loving characters I really enjoyed this one.
Destiny Richards a horse whisperer and an innocent young woman who is doing her best to get away from a father and step mother who are domineering and controlling she has a secret that she keeps very close to her there will be no marriage and no children for Destiny she has protected her younger sister and she is now away from the family living in London and now maybe Destiny's chance for freedom, if she is strong enough to convince the gorgeous man that has arrived to convince her to go to his country of Kezoban and work with the Sheikh and his horse, will this be what Destiny needs.

Sheikh Zafir Al Asmari has arrived in England to find the much talked about horse whisper Destiny Richards it is the last hope he has of saving his beloved horse after a terrible accident that lost him is only sister. Zafir is a man of duty and honour and when he is mistaken for an aide to the Sheikh by Destiny he plays a long he is so drawn to this woman like never before and when she drives a hard bargain for her to go to Kazoban he agrees and here starts a sensual journey for them both.
4/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: April 19th 2016 by Harlequin


Review by TashNZ | 4 Stars

Destiny Richards is known for her "horse whispering" skills and she comes to the attention of Sheikh Zafir Al Asmari. Zafir thinks Destiny is his last hope to help his horse who is traumatised by a tragic event. Destiny is reluctant on one hand to leave what she knows and travel to far away lands but desperate to escape her awful step mother and controlling father she blazenly hikes the price up with who she thinks is the Sheikh's assistant. Desperation and intrigue makes Zafir agree. 

With Zafir's beautiful desert home as the backdrop of this wonderful tale, I found myself swept away with the story. Zafir is bound by strict rules of conduct and Destiny is mixed with the need to get away and the magnetic pull she has to Zafir and to explore what they are both feeling. Letting their guards drop at night, far away from both of their duties they fall in love, but if life was as easy as that this magical story would be over. 

The Sheikh's Last Misteress is full of intrigue, drama, passion, a tragic but understandable back story which I thought was quite unique, I loved how Destiny had quite the unique job and I loved the battle of wills Zafir had between himself and protocol. 

Thank you Rachael for another wonderfully crafted story.

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

"The Sheikh's Last Mistress" by Rachael Thomas is a read alone book, and it was classic romance at its best. Destiny Richards has a way with horses. Sheikh Zahir Al Asmari needs help with getting one of his horses to leave the stables after an incident that took the life of Zahir's sister. Zahir comes to meet Destiny and pawns himself off as an aide to the Sheikh. Destiny is doing her best to get out the her family relationship because it's not a happy one. When the two get together sparks will fly!

Review by Hina | 4 Stars

A last fling for him that leads to a happily ever after with the heroine living her worst nightmare that is eventually turned into the most beautiful dream.

To be perfectly honest, I loved how Destiny was before she met Zafir. One look at the man and she loses it but where heart rules you have not much choice. And Zafir of course was an egotistical arrogant jerk to begin with. Just because you rule a country does not mean you have dominion over everyone who walks the Earth!

But in a story what matters most how the character is further developed and that Rachel knows down pat.

Loved how the characters evolved throughout the story. The way they got to know themselves better based on interactions with each other was a treat and the deference to a culture is really awe inspiring.

A fabulous job.

Review by Amanda | 4 Stars

The Sheikh’s Last Mistress - Destiny Richards accepts Sheikh Zafir Al Asmari’s job offer as a horse whisperer and hence she travels to Kezoban. Working for Zafir and seeing him constantly awakens a fierce storm of attraction between them. And as one thing leads to another, they are faced with the consequences of their passion where they must think not of themselves but that of the life they created together. My verdict is: The Sheikh’s Last Mistress by Rachael Thomas is angsty, intense and overwhelmingly dramatic. The thought-provoking story-line will either have you loving or hating the characters and the stories they have to tell.

Review by Cheryl | 5 Stars

Sheikh Zafir Al Asmari finds the riding school nestled in the countryside beyond London and walks up to see a woman with a horse. He through her mother (step mother) had hired Destiny Richards to work with his prized Arabian Stallion named Majeed. The step mother had assumed that this man was sent from the Sheikh and not the Sheikh himself. He did not correct her.

This stallion had been involved in a tragic accident which had claimed Sheikh's sister (Tabinah) life. 
Destiny is to travel to Kezoban and at first rejected the task that had been agreed between the Sheikh and Destiny's step mother. The length of time for the job was a 2 month term. Destiny's step mother used her gift with horses to monetarily profit her. Other than that she had no use for Destiny and as result Destiny wanted to be free of her. Could she use this opportunity to be totally free and start her life over? 
Destiny rearranged the payment to be given to her, travel expenses and hopefully enough to start a new life. She also asked that she sees and meets the stallion first. Zafir almost told her who he was when he said that his private jet would take her to see the horse.

After Destiny arrives the sparks still fly between her and Zafir. They go for a morning ride and Destiny finally says she wants him. They spend one night together and he is stunned to find that she is a virgin. 
Rachael Thomas tells the story of a girl giving the gift of her virginity to someone she trusts and loves. The story of the Sheikh so distraught over how his sister died that he feels he cannot have a life with anyone other than the chosen bride by his aides. Also how a rare blood disease is the reason her mother died giving birth to Destiny and that she has no idea if she has inherited it from her mother or not. She was never tested since she was not interested in love, marriage, or children. Rachael Thomas also paints the picture through words of what the desert and Kezoban and the culture of Kezoban is like and also of the beautiful horses there. 

Review by Lynn | 4 Stars

A commoner and a sheikh share a sensual affair with each thinking the other is cold and indifferent to the feelings flaring up between them. They have each had their share of heartache, and I enjoyed seeing them attempt to overcome it with each other.

Sheikh Zafir Al Asmari has a job offer for Destiny Richards, and he's willing to meet her demands to get her to accept.

Destiny Richards is desperate to get out from under the controlling figures in her life, so when the sheikh offers her a way to pave the way to a future on her own, she decides to take it.

What neither of them count on, is the heated attraction between them anytime the other is near. They agree to one night of passion before they part ways ... but destiny really has struck when consequences unfold!

12 April 2016

The Shock Cassano Baby

The Shock Cassano Baby

Andie Brock

The Shock Cassano Baby by Andie Brock

Reviewed by Helen

I loved this story from start to finish the setting was fabulous both the hero Orlando and the heroine Isobel have a lot from their pasts that they need to come to terms with so they can move forward in a loving relationship but when they meet again six weeks after doing business on The Island of Jacamar in The Caribbean there are consequences that need to be discussed and here starts a rocky road to a HEA.

Orlando Cassano loves his single life he is a wealthy business man and very controlling and strong and with his past he is determined to stay that way but when he meets the lovely Isobel Spicer for a business deal with her shoe company he is drawn to her and Isobel is so strong she is making him talk about his past which is opening up a lot of emotions for him.

Isobel Spicer has been running the family business for years she is strong and sassy and things are getting busy and needing some funding has bought her to Orlando and with the meeting on the Island and the spark between them Isobel is falling for Orlando and opening up and when he insists that they marry so as their child will have a father unlike Orlando this starts more twists with their relationship.

This really is a fabulous story it is emotional moving and very sensual as the pull between them grows with the decision to take on a title and repair a castle to its former glory and as the wedding day gets closer Orlando and Isobel show what love can do. I loved seeing these two strong and feisty people come together and open up, yes this one had me smiling and I highly recommend it, MS Brock never lets me down on a good story.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: May 1st 2016 by Harlequin Presents


10 April 2016

Falling for the Single Dad

Falling for the Single Dad (The Hollywood Clinic Book 2)

Emily Forbes

Mills & Boon  by Emily Forbes

Reviewed by Helen
This is such a great story it is emotional and moving as Dr Abi Thompson takes a job at the the Hollywood Hills Clinic after returning from Afghanistan. Abi is suffering from PTSD and still has a few problems with some things but her work as a re-constructive surgeon never falters that she is great at and she has the help of her assistance dog Jonty. Abi has been through a lot in her life but she is very strong in so many ways and is determined to get on with her life but with just her and Jonty but when she meets her new boss Dr Damien Moore there is a spark that could light up the clinic.

Damien is a single Dad to five year old Summer he works hard and has a protective streak in him that got involved with his ex-wife he loves his daughter and will do anything for her but he isn't planning on finding her a new mother and is a bit terse when he first meets with Abi but when she steps in to help him a couple of times in their first couple of days working together that pull is getting stronger and that protective streak is coming to the surface.

This is a lovely story that will have you smiling as Abi, Damien, Summer and Jonty become close and work through a few problems that see Damien and Abi open up to each other and give into to that spark. I loved the openness of the characters and the dialogue between them they both have big responsibilities in their jobs and lives and they worked together to overcome their pasts and join together for a future that will be filled with laughter and love and fun as a family. I highly recommend this one it is the 2nd book in The Hollywood Hills Clinic series and I loved it.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published April 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical

09 April 2016

Edge of Temptation by Megan Crane

Review by TashNz

My first introduction to Megan Cranes Edge series which was kindly provided by Netgalley. 
Wowsers!  What a read!  Not for the faint hearted and very far removed from Caitlyn Crews world of writing.  I did see hints of Caitlyn Crews humor shine through. 

Maud escapes her Nunnery, the only thing she’s known since she was a young pre teen – sold by her parents.  Meeting Warrior Gunnar in the desert, she takes her chance and begs him to take her with him, where she doesn’t care, as long as It is far away from the Nunnery.   Demonstrating her skill at “praying” Maud is sure she’s convinced Gunnar how she can come in handy on the trip, but Gunnar needs a sacrificial virgin to seek his revenge and to bring back his loved mate from the dead. 

Set in a world that I wasn’t too sure if it was the past, present or future I still found the story to flow and understood why Maud was looking for escape.  I thought she fell for Gunnar quite quickly and she was so submissive so quickly and I guess the desire to save her life changed to a decide to stay with Gunnar.  Gunnar was a warrior and his description was one of strength and determination but clearly he had a heart buried deep.  He had issues he need to fix and I enjoyed watching him struggle with what he wanted to do and stay on track. 

I would call The Edge of Temptation a  mix of R18 erotic, submissive and paranormal historical. Might sound a confusing mix but it helped me turn the pages to find out what was going to happen?  Was Maud going to end up a sacrificial gift, was Gunnar’s dead mate really a traitor?  Does Gunnar’s brother get his own story? Will love prevail? 

An intense love story with very graphic details that are not for the faint hearted. 

I am a huge believer in trying different genre’s and I am glad I did. 

4 Stars