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The Valquez Seduction

by Melanie Milburne

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23 November 2014

The Prince She Never Forgot by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Nas

THE PRINCE SHE NEVER FORGOT by author Scarlet Wilson is a January 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Ten years ago Ruby Wetherspoon met and kissed a mystery man, Alex. But she could never forget him. She did find out that he was Crown Prince Alexander of Euronia. And then he married, had a daughter then became a widower. Now he needed Ruby. Would Ruby take this chance? Dare she risk her heart once again?

But Alex wanted Ruby to work with his small daughter to help her speak. And Ruby’s heart melted when she met the little princess. Could she leave them now after doing her job?

THE PRINCE SHE NEVER FORGOT was a heart-warming story. Author Scarlet Wilson brought the emotions to the page in a way that would move readers to tears numerous times. A reader would stay hooked to the book till the last page and this story would stay with the reader long after the book ends.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Delucca's Marriage Contract by Abby Green

Reviewed by Nas  

DELUCCA’S MARRIAGE CONTRACT by author Abby Green is a January 2015 release by Harlequin Presents.

This is part of the miniseries The Chatsfield.

Giancarlo Delucca does a deal with Keelin O’Connor’s father to take his company global. Only hitch was O’Connor put Keelin in the deal. Gianni had to marry the heiress in the bargain. But he was determined to take his company global so was prepared to go all the way.

Keelin wanted to be part of her father’s company but she had no intention to marry. She wanted her place but on her own merits. So she embarked on a hilarious journey to make Gianni reject the proposal, yet he saw through her and they ended up married.
Would their marriage last? This was a marriage done by contract but sparks were flying.

DELUCCA’S MARRIAGE CONTRACT is an emotional roller-coaster of a read. Author Abby Green brought this tale shimmering with sensuality and emotions.

Recommended for all readers.

21 November 2014

A Diamond In Her Stocking by Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Nas

A DIAMOND IN HER STOCKING by author Kandy Shepherd is a December 2014 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Single mom, Lizzie Dumont moved to Dolphin Bay with her daughter when her sister offered her a job to operate the restaurant. She wanted her restaurant to be a success and to create a stable home for her daughter. She didn’t really have time for romance, did she? So why couldn’t she forget the kiss at her sister’s wedding? Which she shared with her sister’s handsome brother-in-law.

Jesse Morgan was attracted to the lovely Lizzie but got disappointed after she walked away without saying goodbye. Now six months later she was back and he was forced to help her set up the restaurant. Could he keep away from her? The attraction they felt for each other was explosive and just shimmered beneath the surface. Could they take a chance on it?

A DIAMOND IN HER STOCKING is a romance packed with emotions. Readers would get hooked in the story and would want to know how it all ends. Author Kandy Shepherd charmingly brought to live this story about recovering from past hurts and moving forward. The premise was wonderful and story moved along very fast.

Recommended for all readers of romance.

Snowbound Surprise For The Billionaire by Michelle Douglas

Reviewed by Nas

SNOWBOUND SURPRISE FOR THE BILLIONAIRE by author Michelle Douglas is a December 2014 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Flynn Mather overhears Adelaide Ramsey crying in her farm’s prize bull’s shoulder. And pouring her out to him so he offers her trip to Munich to work as his temporary PA. Addie welcomes the trip as she will be away from her farm during Christmas as it was the first Christmas without her father.

The festive season in Munich with Flynn makes her see her boss in a different light. But would Flynn ever see her as more than an employee? Because with Addie, she would want it all. Marriage and a family. Dare he risk it? Could he make it work?

SNOWBOUND SURPRISE FOR THE BILLIONAIRE is a sensational romance with unique settings. I loved reading how Addie and Flynn spent the festive season together. Author Michelle Douglas blended a perfect mix of romance, holiday spirit and charm in this story.

Recommended for all readers of romance.

17 November 2014

Bound for me by Natalie Anderson

Bound For Me (Be for Me, #4)

Reviewed by Desere

Savannah Nash is tired, emotionally and psychically. She's packed in back-to-back bar shifts and so is more than ready to head home and fall into bed for a good night's sleep.

But for one fleeing moment she let's her guard down and ends up escaping into a moment of passion-fueled fantasy with the sex on legs, six foot muscle packed temptation that is Connor Hughes.

It's his last night in town and it's not like they will see each other again, so no names, no repercussions and no regrets. It's the best night ever, until the truth comes out!

Connor is no other than the very man that lies behind Savannah 's reason for coming to Summerhill. He's the one she wanted to make pay.

Connor knows he should have confessed his true identity to the ' ice princess' sooner but,  instead of being cold as ice she turns out to be hotter than fire, and this discovery leads him to thinking that she's definitely hiding something, but what?

When he discovers that Savannah is in fact on a mission to destroy his company he immediately sets the wheels in motion for a little game of his own, because losing his company, not happening !  The woman hates him but she also wants him and he will use this to his every advantage , but what if it backfires? Who will be bound to who and where does the lines of lust and distrust begin and end. And just who is going to get burned?

The previous reads in this series were phenomenal and I honestly did not think the author could go bigger or better, but you know what she has done just that.  The story of Connor and Savannah was captivating and one of those reads that left me feeling like I never want to come back down to earth.

For a very long time after this read I felt like I was seeing Connor and Savannah everywhere I went. Their attraction for each other was so powerfully depicted in the read, that I felt it in the air for days afterwards.

I adored both Connor and Savannah , strong and determined characters that know what they want and go after it , no matter what, but with that really awesome touch of reality creeping in here and there, letting me as reader know they only try to stay strong and determined , underneath there is a whole lot more going on. And I could not wait for the author to lay it out for me, and of course when it was revealed I was over the moon and even more hooked on this story.

The plot was fast paced and packed with passion and a journey of revenge, romance, heartache surrender.  Great entertaining dialogue and terrific conflict! I am taking away a message of the future is where our heart lies, not the past and certainly not in the material. The trick is to recognize our future when it turns up in our arms instead of trying to steer it in the direction we think it has to go. If you push too hard you could end up losing it all.

I recommend this compelling, remarkable , captivating read for all lovers of romance. An incredible story of revenge meets it's match and walks right into the arms of love.

5/5 star review
" Brought together by lust, bound by love" 

10 November 2014

To Claim His Heir By Christmas by Victoria Parker

To Claim His Heir by Christmas

Reviewed by Desere

Five years ago Princess Luciana of Arunthia decided to let go of her duties and be a normal woman for a while, experience life and just have fun. 

What she found was more than just fun, it was heaven in the arms of a man whose every touch felt like paradise. But just as fast as he had rescued her, taken her to heaven and imprinted himself in her heart, it just as fast all went to hell. 

She discovered his true identity, Prince Thane of Galancia, her kingdom's enemy, so naturally she took off running, only with her she took a piece of Thane he could never know about. 

Now five years of solitude has passed and it's time for Luciana to pay her debt to her father, she will leave her secluded and very well protected home in China and travel back to Arunthia to take the crown, marry the man her father has chosen and live a life of well pure hell, for the sleazy excuse of a man she is to marry has a different woman in his bed every night and certainly makes her skin crawl, but she has no choice.

That is until Thane spies her again, and this time he has every intention of not letting her escape again, so he kidnaps her, seduces her all over again and is ready to walk her down the aisle and ensure that she does not need to marry anyone but him, the scene is set and it looks like this prince will finally have the perfect Christmas, that is until Luciana reveals her secret and just why she had to strike a bargain with her father. She has to return home and he has no choice but to let her go, again.  

I have been a fan of this author's books from the very first time I picked up her debut Princess in the Iron Mask, and ever since no matter the type of character or the type of setting she continues to amaze me. 

From hotter than hot race-car drivers to sexy kick ass bodyguards to delicious princes her characters steal my heart every time. She has the ability to take a ordinary every day sounding story and turn it into something so raw and so magical it simply leaves me breathless. 

The character of Thane was so commanding it actually made him scary but in a very sexy kind of way. I loved his forcefulness to fight for what he believes in, to stand up and fight for those that cannot and for never giving up hope finding the woman he loves. Of course he had his flaws but then show me the man that is perfect!

The character of Luciana was a heartbreaking one, I really felt bad for this poor woman. It cannot be easy to be forced to hide secrets , hide out in a corner of the world till a allocated time and then take a on a crown and responsibilities you never wanted, and in the process lose more of yourself because what you truly crave will simply never be. 

The author took these two characters on a simply remarkable journey of discovery, love, compassion and built an incredible bond. I am taking away a message of the past only binds us if we allow it to, when you know it's right, fight with all your might for the ones you love. 

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, it was sensational, passionate, compelling and a pure romantic masterpiece, and I will happily spend the rest of my days inside the pages of any story this author dreams up, she delivers with a bang each and every time. 

5/5 star review
" Fire and Ice come together to set off  the explosion of a lifetime" 

09 November 2014

Enemies With Benefits by Louisa George

Reviewed by Nas
ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS by author Louisa George is a November 2014 release by Mills & Boon Modern Tempted.

Poppy Spencer was not too happy when flatmate Isaac Blair crashed her Christmas decorating and her drinking spree. She expected to be alone. Now with Isaac there and her intoxicated, there was no saying what could happen. But did something happen?

She had history with Isaac as he knew her secret. Her most vulnerable state and he had been there. But the shimmering chemistry between them is turning these enemies to something more!

ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS is a sensual romance with high emotional intensity. It is a sizzling tale of unexpected passions. I loved the action packed, fast-paced story with all the shimmering emotions. Author Louisa George will once again hook her readers with her mesmerizing story telling.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

A Baby On Her Christmas List by Louisa George

Reviewed by Nas
A BABY ON HER CHRISTMAS LIST by author Louisa George is a Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for December 2014.

Nurse Georgie Taylor just wants a baby. It would make her life perfect. So her friend Dr. Liam MacAllister offers to be the father of her child. He really didn’t want to be a father but he wanted Georgie to be happy.

Would he change his mind about a happy family when he sees Georgie glowing with pregnancy and his child?

A BABY ON HER CHRISTMAS LIST is a tender warm romance full of emotions. Louisa George has brought to life this gorgeous but sensitive hero and matched with the beautiful, warm-hearted Georgie. This is a sensational romance amid the medical drama.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

08 November 2014

The Russian's Acquisition by Dani Collins

The Russian's Acquisition

Reviewed by Desere



Subject: Contractual Offer

You will find $100 000 in your charity's account today, provided I find you in my bed tonight. 

Those are the shocking words Clair has to face up to, when the notorious Aleksy Dmitriev enters her life. Alesky is after the ultimate revenge, yet his plan backfires spectacularly when he discovers Clair is a virgin and cannot possibly have been her former employer's lover.

But not all is lost, he is the one and the only Alesky Dmitriev of course and he will not go down that easy.

Revenge is out the window but he will still enjoy the perks of his purchase, only spitfire Clair is destined to be more than just this Russian's acquisition! Let the games begin!

This read is by far the best Dani Collins book ever! The characters were simply perfect from start to finish. Intense, raw, passionate and so realistic it felt as if they were coming alive with each word and action the author played out , I really felt that wow connection with them both and it blew me away!

The character of Alesky was the perfect mix of dark and tortured becomes sweet and kind I adored it. The character of Clair was strong and feisty really stuck it to the hero and I mean really, really stuck it to him.

It was fun, intense and simply remarkable. The one and only complaint I have about this read , was that it ended. I wanted the passion and iintensityof this relationship to continue long after I read the last line.

I am taking away a message of everyone has someone they are willing to die for, the trick is to be able to recognize when such a person enters your life, if you don't then the loss will be more devastating then death itself.

I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. And if you are not a fan of romance this is the read that will hook you , and suddenly have you believing in love, forever.

5/5 star review
" He takes her to heaven then sends her crashing to hell, will it be too late to bring her back again?" 

From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride by Olivia Gates

From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride

Reviewed by Desere

Rafael Salazar is back in Rio to seek revenge, he will destroy the man who stole his childhood. Then by a twist of fate he spies a beauty across the ballroom and passion overwhelms him.  Then comes the shock of discovering who she is, but even this is not enough to veer him off course, he will make her his.

Eliana Ferreira has never met a man quite like Rafael, he's powerful, unstoppable and simply irresistible. She knows there is a deep dark force that drives him and she should steer clear but she cannot deny him anything, that is until she discovers his terrible purpose. But it's too late, she's expecting his baby and is only days away from becoming his bride, will revenge tear them apart?

This was a romance read in true Oliva Gates style. Pure raw passion and overwhelming intensity.
The characters were strong, realistic and really shone from the pages. I really love how this author always takes characters to new heights.

It's as if she literally pulls them from the streets , sits them down , and starts writing around their personal stories, simply remarkable.

The character of Rafael was the magic in this book, this man is grabbed onto my heart and he still has not let go. I loved him for trying so hard to fight back against the cards life had dealt him, but even more for trying to prevent it happening to anyone else, he was like a dark prince among a glittering world of crime.

Eliana was a nice and slow character, but not too slow that she came off boring, she had the right balance of fire and ice , which of course made her super fun to read.

I am taking away a message of revenge can seem like the ultimate plan of attack, but nothing is always as it seems. Before you act , retrack and rethink it could be the difference between losing it all and gaining a lifetime of happiness.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance that love a remarkable set of characters, a fantastic enjoyable plot and a fabulous ending !

5/5 star review

" The devil meets an angel and all hatered fades away"