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The Valquez Bride by Melanie Milburne

The Valquez Bride

by Melanie Milburne

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Dare She Date Again? by Amy Ruttan

Dare She Date Again?

by Amy Ruttan

Giveaway ends October 30, 2014.

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16 September 2014

Tequila Dirty by Mickey J. Corrigan

Tequila Dirty (The Hard Stuff #3)

Reviewed by Desere

Bad things have happened yet again, in Dusky Beach. Rita Deltone is a tough talking waitress from Florida and unfortuntely she finds herself trapped smack down the middle of the entire bad mess. She knows how she got there but getting around to talking her way out of it is a bit of long road ahead.

Liam Donell is the hot new detective in town, with his partner out of town it comes down to him handling all the dirty work. This includes getting Rita to talk, but he has one little problem, he finds Rita quite too cute and starts thinking with his body rather than his brain, thus ends up making not the best kind of decisions one would expect hot shot detectives to make.

His decisions lead to some pretty ugly but also hilarious consequences, but will they also lead to death and destruction ?

This author is known for writing totally over the top reads, the first time I read one of her books I was a little shocked, it was simply just not what I was use to, but I the more I read her books the more I discover the that the magic in her writing lies within her ability to create characters that really do exist in everyday life.

And the situations the characters find themselves in are pretty much the stuff that really happens in real life, yet we just never hear about it all, simply because it is either just too tragic or too embarrassing for those involved.

And for this very reason I adore discovering what this author dreams up, I know am guaranteed to find a little humor, be so surprised that I literally fall from my reading chair and at the same time I get that special  " this is the way life really happens" feeling.

I am delighted to say that this time around the author outdid herself, she gave me all of the above but on a higher level that I found very satisfying as in some of her previous reads I was able to take away some of what I was looking for but still did not quite hit the full package spot.

I laughed so hard during this read, and bonus it only took me forty minutes to complete, it's short but powerful with loads of action and fun crazy out there moments.

I recommend this read for anyone looking for something new , I encourage you to try it even if it sounds like it simply will not be for you. Trust me within these pages lies a great, fun and awesome read!

4.5 star review
" They get down and dirty but what happens when the Tequila runs dry?" 


Reviewed by Nas

TEQUILA DIRTY by author Mickey J. Corrigan is a September 2014 release by The Wild Rose Press.
Tequila Dirty is Book #3 of ‘The Hard Stuff’ series.

Rita Deltone plays detective Liam Donell and gets away with it. Then they meet again. Now Liam is determined to confront Rita about the robbery and the murder. Was Rita guilty? Or was she the innocent bystander as she claimed?
TEQUILA DIRTY is a fast paced fun story. Author Mickey J. Corrigan weaves the tale very beautifully and keeps the reader enthralled from the first page to the last.

Here comes the bridesmaid by Avril Tremayne

Here Comes the Bridesmaid

Reviewed by Desere

Sunshine Smart is unusual, not because of her one green, one blue eye but more because of her personality. She's a fun and nutty person, you know the kind that loves life and everything about it, the kind that gives off so much positive energy you wish you could climb inside their souls and be just like them, because their life looks like it is just so much fun!

But not all people appreciate that kind of crazy and unusual , especially Leo Quatermaine, he has a business to run and he is bloody good at it too, he does not need Miss Funky Shoes coming in and telling him what to do when it comes to being the best man at his brother's wedding nor does he need advise on what food to serve, he's a chef for goodness sake!

Sunshine takes one look at him and immediately falls for his handsome ways, but tries her hardest to focus on the plan at hand, plan the wedding and get out of there, before she does something stupid like sleep with all hot and smoldering Leo, oh wait she's already done that, now what?!

This was an absolutely stunning read! The characters we the complete opposite of each other, is all crazy fun and Leo all serious, and this made for fantastic entertainment, off the charts funny !

Yes I actually just said the words off the charts funny, not the usual thing I find in hidden in the pages of a romance book, sometimes yes a one of two lines of funny peeks through but in the case of this read, it was over and over and I could not have been more delighted!

I adored the character of Sunshine, I truly wished I could drag this woman from the pages and bring her to life, she was such a burst of fresh air , her personality became very addictive after a few chapters, in the start of the read I will admit I was not liking her so very much, she was almost too much of a oddball, but the more I read the more I got hooked on her funky vibe!

The character of Leo was really sweet in that annoying kind of " I like this hero, but maybe not so much , no wait I love him" manner. The more of him the author revealed the more I became attached to him and his slight darkness. I simply loved how the author let Leo pull back Sunshine's layers and reveal the true her. Don't get me wrong as I said I loved Sunshine and her quirkiness but Leo letting the real woman shine through just made me adore Sunshine more.

First time ever that I have read a romance and actually loved the heroine more than the hero, usually I fall hook, line and sinker for the hero's of romance books but this time around I will be honest and say I could not get enough of the heroine, oh the hero of course was awesome and without him there would be no story, but discovering that I adored the heroine more than the hero is a new experience for me and I found it quite refreshing.

Aside from all the hot chemistry, passion and hilarious fun in this read it also holds a very special message, there is always room in every person's heart to love another. You might think it's simply not possible but that's just the pain from the past talking. If the chance to heal the past comes along, grab hold and never let go!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. Simply delightful, fun and sexy  and a wonderful afternoon read about love being set in motion when opposites meet.  I very much look forward to this author's next book .  Remember the name Avril Tremayne for without her fun and funky books you will go insane!

5/5 star review
" Miss Sunshine meets Mr Gloom and all hell breaks loose, even in the bathroom!" 

Commanded By The Sheikh by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Nas
COMMANDED BY THE SHEIKH by USA Today Bestselling author, Kate Hewitt is October 2014 release by Harlequin Presents.
Sheik Aziz al Bakhir asked his housekeeper Olivia Ellis to masquerade as his fiancée since she had been kidnapped by the rebels.
Though with misgivings, Olivia agreed. She had agreed to appear on the balcony for a few minutes in front of the whole kingdom, not kissing him though, did she? So why did she feel all tingly with a rush of passion when Aziz’s lips touched hers?
Did Aziz feel the same chemistry? But what would happen when the real fiancée would be found? Would Olivia still be needed as a stand-in?
COMMANDED BY THE SHEIKH is a fast-paced thrilling romance. It is full of intrigue and sparkles with sensuality and mesmerizing emotion. Author Kate Hewitt keeps her readers enthralled and glued to the story till the last page with her master storytelling.

15 September 2014

Hot Rebel by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Rebel
Lynn Raye Harris
Review by TashNz
5 Stars

Hot Rebel is a perfect example of when you think there is just no way the latest in a series can beat the previous stories - but totally does! Lynn Raye Harris has written another exciting, heart-pounding, edge of your seat, delicious installment of the HOT team.

Hot Rebel's first page landed me right in the middle of an Op and it was go go go for every exciting chapter thereafter. When the Op goes wrong the last person sniper Nick "Brandy" Brandon expects to fly through the door is Victoria. Victoria disappeared off the grid half way through sniper training three years ago. He never did know if she was kicked off or if she went AWOL or quit. Victoria's sniper skills were on par with Nicks and he remembers her well. Victoria however only has the memory of the constant teasing and ribbing Nick would constantly shower her with.

Fate works in mysterious ways and Nick and Victoria are thrown back together and have to work together to achieve their goals. They don't trust each other and having to rely on each other is completely foreign. The only thing they can trust is their feelings.

Nick has an elusive target he needs to eliminate but Victoria needs the target alive for her own personal reasons. For three years she's been searching the desert and finally she's within reach of the pot of gold.

Nick and Victoria sizzle together. They are a match made in heaven. Nick laughs in the face of his fellow buddies who are slowly falling one by one from the strike of Cupids arrow so guess who has the last laugh when Cupid sets Nick up in the firing line? With Cupid being a bit of a sniper Nick is lost. Victoria's beauty, skills, braveness, stubbornness, clear headedness, body, are all incredible to Nick. Victoria is ah-mazing! She's such a cool gal, she's fearless on the outside, she's got incredible skill and loyal to her family until the bitter end. And she's so brave - she takes the first tentative step with Nick. I loved the build up. Together Nick and Victoria had me experience many emotions, from tears of laughter, tears of joy all the way through to the sniffles only the pain a broken heart can cause.

The locations were described with such clarity I felt was like I was there right among it, when things went pear shaped my heart was pounding, when Nick and Victoria are captured I felt the fear, when Victoria has the Russian lined up in her sites, my breath was held. I felt every page.

The story flows and rolls along up and down with heart pounding excitement, the first thing I did when I reached the last page was let my breath out. There was so much front line action I wholeheartedly applaud #6.

Thank you so much for the Netgalley copy so I could provide my honest opinion. My honest opinion is that Hot Rebel totally deserves every single one of the five shiny stars I award it

14 September 2014

The Chatsfield Book Six: Rival's Challenge by Abby Green

Reviewed by Desere

Orla Kennedy is in control and always ensures everything goes her way, and most importantly she never takes risks. It's just not her style.

But on the eve of a business deal she's tired, stressed out and in desperate need of blowing off some steam, this leads her to sharing a drink with an attractive stranger and also a night of unbridled passion. It's the best night of her life and she'll never forget it.

But work looms on the horizon and she places the super hot memories in the back of her mind. Easy as relive, day dream a little and then get all hot and dirty minded and then back to work, yeah right ! This is a Abby Green book so we know that will never happen.

And it doesn't, soon she discovers her one night stand is her rival, the fearless Antonio Chatsfield. He has pretty much everything he wants  and is known as a war hero, so fame, fortune the whole set up is there, but his life feels as empty as his recently vacated bed.

Yet he still drags himself over to The Chatsfield, London to aid his sister. But when he comes face to face with the woman who came apart in his arms just hours before he starts forming a new merger of a entirely different kind.

This was a brilliant book in true Abby Green fashion, from the very start till the very end! The author weaved a tale of secrets, passion and rivalry with exquisite detail and with her unique slightly dark almost mysterious bordering on sweet writing style she created characters I will never forget.

The character of Orla was wonderful, I loved her spirit and fun I handle it all attitude, it did show her as a little too much self involved, but only slightly for as we all know we always think at some stage in life we can handle everything and anything that comes our way, without so much as a drop of help from anyone, so the character did still have that realistic feel I adore so much in romance reads.

The character of Antonio, was super hotness combined with just a smidgen of darkness that every now and then breaks through the barrier of being fair, kind and sweet but not too sweet that he doesn't go all out in getting who and what he wants.

Through both characters the author showed that in life there is the past and there is the present. What we think of the past is what will hold us back, what we do with the present is what will ultimately set us free from the past. Of course that's is a message us readers have seen in many other books, yet this author brought it home in a different manner , slightly familiar but with a new kind of flare, that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I highly recommend this read for all who love a good can do anything my way war hero meets head strong heroine and is brought to his knees story.

4.5 star review
" The ultimate rivals become trapped in the ultimate game, but who will win?"

Loving You Is Easy by Wendy S Marcus

Loving You Is Easy

Reviewed by Desere

The super talented Wendy S Marcus is back!!! And I could not be happier, I have been a huge fan of her work form her very first mesmerizing release and ever since I have devoured everything she has written so of course I squealed with pure delight when this new release landed in my very happy hands.

The read tells the story of Brooke Elstein,a politician's daughter and always quiet, in control and thus the perfect image of dutiful always do what makes dad look good gal. All that comes crashing down when a the son of a wealthy donor sinks his teeth into her and sadly also gets away with it. But Brook is no sissy and gets up and moves on as best she can.

One stroke of luck that allows her to easily get out there again is the perk of heading up the governor's " Support out Troops" pen-pal initiative, and thus she's able to get first pick on the smoking-hot sergeant , whose picture sends Brook's heart racing and shakes her right out of her always perfect shoes.

They correspond back and forth, but sexy Shane Develen instinctively hides his commando tattoos and blue collar roots, he knows Brooke is also hiding something, he's not too sure what but he knows there is definitely something there. None the less he knows he has gained her trust when she sends him a off the charts blisteringly sexy photo. But as fate will have it, Shane is injured in an ambush and a fellow solider posts the sexy shot online for all to see.

And so once again Brooke's perfect image turns to ashes in the blink of an eye. Then Shane turns up at her doorstep determined to set things right and discovers the that right or wrong for each other has gone nothing on the chemistry they share, but will Brooke believer him when he tells her the truth or will she again retreat to her always perfect shell in order to protect what little dignity she has left?

I have always been a huge fan or romance books, but when it comes to military related romance books I go absolutely gaga! As in I fall head over heals to dive right into the book, and with this author being one of my ultimate favorites I was in absolute heaven from the first page right through till the very end.

I adored Brooke's vulnerability , but what stood out was her strength among all the vulnerability. I of course could completely understand her being so very vulnerable after what happened to her in the past, but getting back up and fighting to overcome it, especially when you are in the public eye, now that takes a lot more guts! The author beautifully pained Brooke as a strong fighter heroine that just as us all only every now and then lets the armor drop.

Shane was so awesome! Hotter than the Iraqi sun and more lethal to any woman's peace of mind than a Glock 17! I adored this man from the start, yes he does withhold his true and completely honest identity but not in that " I am going to strangle this hero, lying jerk!" kind of manner but more in a knows this is not the time for it all to be revealed manner. In real life of course most woman would fly off the handle when the truth get's revealed but the author did such an amazing job at painting Shane as a true hero of hearts, that if the man was standing in front of me ( of course I would have to be blind folded , because believe me ladies this man is super hot, and yes the author's description is that good so no pictures needed), I would not even think of yelling at him for not telling me from the start who and what he really is.

So with a really hotter than hot remarkably sweet and kind hero and a strong always fight back slightly damaged heroine,  one heck of a picture mix up and a off the charts chemistry that simply cannot be denied, all set within the military and political world,  got one pretty dang awesome read!

The descriptions of surroundings and characters were absolutely perfect, I was right there with Brook for the hurt and the pain of betrayal, I felt Shane go down and blood drain from my veins when he is injured, I could taste the angst and smelt the passion burning up the sheets as these two get down and dirty, outstanding writing Wendy!

I am taking away a message of there is a way and reason for everyone to come together, in this case two smoking hot pictures intertwined two lives of two people who both had a little piece of their hearts missing and needed each other to be healed. The trick would be to be able to send the healer away when you mistakenly think him or her to be the enemy and then to run off back to your own special created camp of doom and glum telling yourself you're safe. Always stay two steps ahead, it's one of the hardest things in life to do, but in the long run you will walk out on the other side , definitely not in tact but with the knowledge that you gave it your all.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, with drama, passion, intrigue and one of the most beautifully written endings I have read in a long time.

5/5 star review
" He aims for her heart and makes a direct hit, but will she trust him enough to give it to him forever?" 


Reviewed by Nas
LOVING YOU IS EASY by author Wendy S. Marcus is a December 2014 release by Loveswept, Random House.
Brooke Elstein joined the pen-pal initiative and became Sergeant Shane Develen’s pen-pal. After long emails back and forth, she felt she knew him enough to hand deliver him some sexy photos of herself on his next leave home.
But these photos get into wrong hands when Shane gets injured on duty. Brooke’s life crumbled around her as one photo ended up on social media and her students started commenting on it. What would Brooke do now? Could she ever trust Shane again?
And how would Shane ‘make it right’? Could he now? And he was an injured soldier now; could he fit back into Brooke’s life?
LOVING YOU IS EASY is a fast, super sexy and enthralling story. The romance was tender and sigh-worthy. Author Wendy S. Marcus entices her readers into the world she creates and makes them glued to the book till the last page.

10 September 2014

One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

Reviewed by Desere

Emily Coleman has what most woman want, okay so I lie she has what every woman wants, a happy marriage, a beautiful son and a lovely home. So what on earth makes her wake up one morning and simply walk away from it all? It's a mystery that plays out till almost the very end of this book.

All though there is not a lot of major romance in this book there is some, and it's enough to make your heart soar and of course make you wish for someone to love you in that special over the top, we can get through anything kind of way.

The bulk of the book does of course focus on Emily who takes on a new identity and starts a whole new life for herself. The book drifts in and out of flashbacks and current events taking place, but not really in that annoying,  this is just too much past , present, past , present manner. In fact it's completely the opposite, the author drags you in on the secrets and lies of this book just enough with one flashback to make you think " Eureka!" now I have this all figured out, and then she trows you back to the present day and Emily acting almost completely different in such a manner you immediately come back to thinking, " nope, thought I had it but simply just can't be".

Through a series of lies and secrets being exposed, various romances taking off and being destroyed and many twists and turns this book is an attention keeper all the way.

Of course I cannot tell you the secret and you will need to read the book to find out, but I will say from my side as a reviewer and a believer in always trying simply everything I can think of before giving up on anything in life, I will say this, when the Emily's secret is finally revealed I felt a little let down.

Not because the secret was not juicy enough, but because it just did not sound like the kind of thing that would make a woman just walk away and completely disappear by taking on a new identity. For this kind of problem there are other ways to handle it, but simply just taking off .

None the less the secrets are good, the lies are thrilling and the various relationships are very interesting.A real roller-coaster of a read!

4.5 star review

" Reality takes the past one step too far back" 

** Now available at Penguin Books South Africa 

Breaking All Her Rules by Maisey Yates

Reviewed by Nas
BREAKING ALL HER RULES by author Maisey Yates is a Cosmo Red Hot Read from Harlequin, releasing August 2014.
Grace Song had a set lifestyle but the accidental meeting with Zack Camden threw the wrenches in her life. Dare she break her rule for once and spend a passion filled night with Zack? But when one night turned to more she realized she had broken all her rules and the biggest of them by falling for Zack.
Would Zack return her love?
BREAKING ALL HER RULES is a fast-paced, hot and sultry read. Filled with angst and passion in equal measures, a perfect combination of a super read!

Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss by Emmie Darkins

Reviewed by Nas
FROZEN HEART, MELTING KISSES by debut author Ellie Darkins is a Harlequin Romance release for September 2014.

Maya Hartney signs Will Thomas for one of her cooking classes as he finds nothing good in her cooking! But she hadn’t counted on the closeness and the chemistry which would spark up between them.

Could Will ever be agreeable? Why was he so prickly anyway? Peel the layers by reading FROZEN HEART, MELTING KISSES and see for yourself why. Debut author Ellie Darkins brought out angst and scorching chemistry between Maya and Will which would keep a reader glued to the pages till the last pages.

01 September 2014

The Valquez Bride by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Nas

THE VALQUEZ  BRIDE by USA Bestselling author Melanie Milburne is Harlequin Presents release for September 2014.

Theodore Marlstone agreed to a marriage of convenience, hadn’t she? Then why was the sexy Argentinean Alejandro Valquez shifting the goalpost on their arrangement? He was changing the rules!

Alejandro hadn’t wanted to marry but now he couldn’t resist his wife. What if the marriage was in name only? He had the right to break the rules, hadn’t he?

THE VALQUEZ BRIDE is a sizzling romance with breathtaking sensuality between the pages. Author Melanie Milburne brought this mesmerizing tale with a gorgeous hero and a plain but feisty heroine and the result sparkles on the pages.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Desere 

Untouched Theodora Malrstone has always wanted what pretty much every woman wants, a fairy tale wedding, a stunning white dress and a groom who adores her! What she ends up with is walking down the aisle toward a marriage of convenience to an outrageously attractive Argentinian Alejandro Valquez

He promises overwhelming raw sensuality, but not devotion, this is all thanks to her father's will and Theodora has no choice but to forget about her fairy tale dreams and say I do!

Alejandro never wanted a wife, but his buttoned up bride is a delicious present he simply cannot wait to unwrap. Beneath the white silk lies a woman who exceeds his wildest imagination and it's very clear that this union will burn the very paper it's written on. Is Theodora bound to end up fairy tale -less and heartbroken ?

I really enjoyed this read, it was full of life and mystery and of course in true Melanie Milburne style loads of sizzling hot passion!

The storyline itself has been done before but it was not just the old fashioned forced into marriage, both are lost and lonely souls, betrayed and hurt in the past and now we find each other and voila all comes to an end kind of read.

Those are the bare facts but what made the read unique is the author's writing style. She did not just take two characters and mesh them together she really layered them both with such exquisite perfection that I more than cried my eyes out for Theodora , I used an entire box of fifty tissues!

As for our hero in this read, boy oh boy was this man arrogant, I wanted to honestly stuff him inside a whole, cover it with sand so he would never be found again! Yes this character made me that mad!

But as we all know there are always reasons for everyone's actions and in this case for both characters it links back to their past and as a very nice added twist it also leads back to Theodora's father and the hurt he caused her and Alejandro's family.

I am taking away a message of all fairy tale drams come true, sure they show up looking nothing like we expect but is that reason to run away from it? Of course not! Hang in there and just change the picture in your mind a little , eventually you will be able to form a whole new kind of fairy tale and it will be so much better than anything you could ever dream up!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of Melanie Milburne books and for any fans of romance reads!  If you need passion, intrigue, drama , dreams coming true and the perfect pick me up read this is it!

5/5 star review
" Marriage or no marriage this is the coming together of the year! "