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A Date with Her Valentine Doc

by Melanie Milburne

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Claimed by the Sheikh by Rachael Thomas

Claimed by the Sheikh

by Rachael Thomas

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31 January 2015

It Happened In Paris by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Nas

IT HAPPENED IN PARIS by author Robin Gianna is a February 2015 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Avery Gerard is supposed to be assessing Dr Jack Dunbar in the medical trial he is conducting. He is operating on patients and replacing the faulty valves in their hearts with the device he had constructed with a team of biomedical engineers. Avery’s job is to collect data but she has also been given the responsibility of shutting down the trial if she thinks it’s putting patients’ lives at risk.

But Avery didn’t know the stranger she went out with was the Dr Dunbar. Could she keep her distance now she knows? The scorching chemistry between them landed them in bed the first day. Could they both keep their professional and personal lives apart now?

IT HAPPENED IN PARIS has a gorgeous hero in Jack, he is tender and sensitive. And Avery is a strong heroine who hides a mushy heart. Author Robin Gianna, by her spell-binding words brought this romance in the middle of medical trials and failures. I loved this story.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

22 January 2015

Hot Ice by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Ice (Hostile Operations Team #7)

Reviewed by Desere 

Lynn Raye Harris is back with another totally awesome installment in the HOT series. This time we meet Grace Campbell , the daughter of a United States senator and leading a very privileged life. She moves within the social circles of the rich and famous.

But underneath all that little rich girl look she is also a scientist and when someone learns she possesses the knowledge necessary to create a new super virus capable of destroying entire nations, she becomes a target for terror groups and foreign governments everywhere.

Garret" Iceman" Spencer did so not join the army 's elite HOT to babysit some spoiled little rich girl, but as we all know when superiors speak there is no other choice but to comply.

And so Iceman finds himself babysitting Grace , what shocks him the most is when he discovers Grace is far from dull and underneath the glasses and serious scowl there's a woman hotter than any other he 's ever come across, and even though he has been burned before he still wants to jump right into the flame that Grace clearly is.

But the job comes first and above all he needs to keep her alive and secondly keep his hands off her , it's a full time job but hey someone has to do it, failure is not an option and as a member of HOT he will not fail, he will keep he alive at all costs , keeping his hands off her now that's a lot tougher!

Lynn Raye Harris has become the number one author for me when it comes to super hot , delicious and sizzling romantic suspense, the woman simply never fails me . I always walk away at the end of the books with everything I wanted. The action, the suspense, the scorching hot romance and best of all each and every time it's a new exciting plot with new twists and turns that simply enthralls me every time and brings me great reading joy !

In this read , book number seven in the HOT series I was transported back into that super sexy dark and mysterious world of  men giving their all to protect at all costs and complete the mission without fail. As I have always said there is simply just something so much sexier about a man on a mission than anything else and this author nails it each and every darn time, no idea how but am loving it!

Iceman was all that and more, I could not get enough of this man and at the end of the read I wanted more , more, more I tell you! Now without spoiling this read for anyone because believe me you HAVE TO READ IT, all I will add is if you love romance with kick ass adventure, explosive sex, emotionally heartwarming tenderness and a off the hook plot, you will love this book. Sexy, captivating and one of the very best in the romantic suspense genre, read it and thank me later !

5/5 star review
" She's not what he wanted, but she's exactly what he needs" 

Her Perfect Proposal by Lynne Marshall

Her Perfect Proposal

Reviewed by Desere

Journalist Lilly Matsuda writes headlines, she never makes them! Until she runs afoul of Gunnar Norling while on a assignment in the tiny town of Heartlandia. Gunnar has been sworn to secrecy about the town's mysterious past and he refuses to compromise that for anyone even very tempting and beautiful Lilly , who is as all journalists should be , hot on the trail of a good story!  And of course to her it does not matter much anyway, it's a headline today and a past story she did tomorrow. She'll be long gone and onto the trail of the her next headline before the impact of exposing the town's secret even hits her. That is unless she decides to put love first.

I have always loved this authors books, the stories are always heartwarming, gives new hope and simply shines like bright stars breaking through the clouds on a late stormy evening ! This read was no different , it had all of that going for it and more.

In this read it is not only Lilly that finds that new zest and hope for life nor is it only Gunnar, the whole charming and absolutely captivating town of Heartlandia finds new hope.

The fun part about this read was definitely the secret and mystery of the town, I found myself ready to climb inside the pages and dig just as hard and deep as Lilly to get to the heart of the secret and just why the town 's people are so determined to hide it.

All the characters in this read were simply marvelous, intriguing, and so realistic that they were all so much more than just characters, they were more like real everyday people I come across , the author brought them all to life with vivid clarity !

I am taking away a message of life is a challenge , with everything we do, but when we become the challenge instead of the real person we are inside, then it's not a challenge anymore, it's more of a thing we have become and thus we are pretty much no longer human. We push and push to reach the end of it all and along the way we are simply just little specs of dust that use to be, one needs to always remember what life is truly about or those who are or become important to us will merely see us a here today gone tomorrow. And no one wants to be remembered as simply just that.

I recommend this read for fans that adore romance reads with loads of lovely twists and turns , mystery and just plain crazy falling in love fun. Well done Lynne, keep them coming!

4 star review
" She rushes to make headlines, he rushes to capture her heart" 

Reviewed by Nas

HER PERFECT PROPOSAL by author Lynne Marshall is a Harlequin Special Edition release for March 2015.

This is book two of the mini-series set in the town of Heartlandia. Book One is A Doctor For Keeps released in March 2014 by Lynne Marshall. 

Journalist Lilly Matsuda moves from San Francisco to small town Heartlandia to start a new job as the town reporter. She is after a huge story as she wants to make her name by breaking ‘The Story.’
Cop Gunnar Norling doesn’t want anyone snooping around his town for it’s mysterious history. He intends to keep the town secret safe till the time to release it comes. Can he keep it safe from Lilly? After all she’s hot on the story’s trail. And Gunnar would like to shed his bachelor image in favor of happy ever after with this feisty journalist! Could he trust Lilly with his town’s secret and his heart? 

HER PERFECT PROPOSAL is a romance between two different culture’s characters. The dialogue is believable and realistic and I was thoroughly engaged in Lilly and Gunnar’s lives. If you’re looking for a sweet story with exciting characters who uncover thrilling secrets, then this romance by Author Lynne Marshall is for you. 

Highly recommended for all readers. 

20 January 2015

Puffin Island Series Boon One : First Time In Forever by Sarah Morgan

First Time in Forever (Puffin Island, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

This is the first book in the new Sarah Morgan series , and I personally have been waiting for it for what has felt like forever. This time we set off to Puffin Island and the secrets it's residence, permanent and temporary hold.

Windswept, isolated, ruggedly beautiful are just some of the words to describe Puffin Island. It's the isolation that Emily Donavan needs to hide out from her new life, however the close knit community of Puffin Island has a way of rather bringing everyone out of hiding and into the world they call their own, and that is the last thing Emily needs. Nor does she need sexy Ryan Cooper kissing her senseless and letting her truly feel emotion for the first time since a day at the beach changed her life forever.

But Ryan knows all about secrets, she's hiding far more than herself and the child she calls Lizzie. He makes it his personal mission to extract her secrets one kiss at a time, but what happens when she discovers who he really is?

From page one this book promised to me amazing , and it was in more ways than one. The characters main and secondary were all magical. From the somewhat crazy old ladies attending nude art classes to heartbroken ice cream shop owners and of course the hero and heroine who both stole my heart.

I simply adored the character of Lizzie, she is after all the key that brings Emily and Ryan to their journey of love. I could not get enough of the community and how they protect their own against all costs , the author placed me front and center for the show of the year!  Ryan is this laid back, go with the flow and very handsome, guy, but under his laid back nature there is also the hard hitting always push for answers persona that grabbed my attention and my readers brain refused to let go. It is his quest to push for answers that made me adore him more and more with each question he asked to get to the truth.

The character of Emily was understandably hiding as much of her life as she could, and let me tell you when the author revealed the truth about Emily's past and current predicament my heart broke, and I felt various emotions, ranging from first anger then utter disbelieve. And then I started fighting just as hard as Ryan to bring back out the person I knew Emily is meant to be.

Through both characters the author showed that secrets can destroy us, the longer we hold on to them the worse the fear of exposure gets and the worse the outcome will be. Secrets fester in our souls, and letting go is the only way you can be freed. Most importantly this book and the journey of Ryan and Emily showed that that past shapes us , but it does not determine the person we ultimately need to be, anything can be overcome with a helping hand, all you need to do is accept that helping hand when it is thrust towards you.

I highly recommend this book for all fans of romance that sizzles with red hot passion, beautiful romance, heartfelt emotion and a journey that will live in your heart for many years to come.  Mrs Morgan has once again shown she is more than capable of knocking any reader's socks off, she writes with the type of enthusiasm we all need to live our lives with.  First time in forever is uplifting, sensual, a real page turner and the very essence of island romance perfection!

I  very much look forward to the second book in this series, where the truth about Britney and Zack will be revealed!

5/5 star review
" Sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest challenge to face" 

A Diamond in her Stocking by Kandy Sheperd

Reviewed by Desere

Who doesn't love a Christmas wedding, and when written by one of today's best selling authors , it's total perfection!

Single mom and Chef Lizzie Dumont is moving on, returning to Dolphin Bay to make a her new restaurant a success. And therefore has absolutely no time whatsoever for Mr Jaw-dropping handsome Jesse Morgan! But forgetting that incredible kiss they once shared, is not quite as easy.

Jesse can't forget their kiss either but the betrayal in Lizzie's past has made her wary of him, and he hates that she cannot see past his reputation as a heart-breaker. So now he's on a mission, a mission to change her mind and get her to be the Christmas present he has always wanted.

I love this author's books and this one arrived during a very stressful part of my life . Knowing that this author's work is always guaranteed to cheer me up , I dug in the second life allowed me to do so. And it completely worked, for four hours I was able to escape life and at the end of the read walk away from the read with a new found feeling of hope and knowing that everything happens for a reason and in the end there will always be a light somehow , somewhere all you need is to be able to look for the light while you're stuck in the darkness.

I loved the vibrant characters and most especially their flaws , the author did a remarkable job at showing that these characters are just like the people we see , hear about and meet everyday. They are simply people who have made mistakes, taking the wrong turn and have to fight to find a way back to the point where their happiness starts.

It's a story about leaning to move past the moment from the past that is holding you back, it's about learning how to look past what you hear about a person and rather trust yourself to see a person through your own eyes instead of the image the world has conjured up.

I highly recommend this read for all fans who love romances reads that shines like a bright diamond during the darkest of hours. A heartwarming , sensual read.

5/5 star review
" Diamonds are forever, especially when received for Christmas !

16 January 2015

It Started With No Strings by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas
IT STARTED WITH NO STRINGS by author Kate Hardy is  October 2014 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Joni Parker for once took her friend’s advice and had a fling with a stranger. Next morning she quietly leaves the stranger’s bed and goes on about her life.

Imagine her surprise when she finds out her new boss, consultant Aaron Hughes was the stranger! Awkward much? But they decide not to mention ‘that night’ and pretend they just met. Yet the scorching chemistry between them sparkles up all the time they come near each other. 

Aaron was a no-commitment guy and Joni had been burnt before, dare they take the next step? Would they?

Read author Kate Hardy’s IT STARTED WITH NO STRINGS to find out how this gorgeous hero and strong heroine overcome the obstacles to reach to their happy ever after. It is a full on emotional drama. 

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

A New Year Marriage Proposal by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas

A NEW YEAR MARRIAGE PROPOSAL by author Kate Hardy is a Harlequin Romance and Mills & Boon Cherish series release for November 2014.

Quinn O’Neill finds beautiful Carissa Wylde on his doorstep, unexpected and uninvited. He doesn’t want to be interrupted but is also intrigued by this enchanting woman. 

Then he discovers Carissa’s home baked chocolate brownies and he is hooked. He undertakes to do some Christmas project for Carissa and finds out he can’t get her out of his mind despite his best effort, but would he be able to take their attraction any further? He doesn’t do relationships. Yet he takes her advice and goes to build bridges with his estranged relatives. Then he decides to surprise Carissa one last time. 

A NEW YEAR MARRIAGE PROPOSAL has a gorgeous hero in Quinn, he is tender and sensitive. And Carissa is a strong heroine who hides a mushy heart. Author Kate Hardy did a great job touching on the domestic violence issue in this story. I loved this emotional story, domestic violence always touches a sore spot with me so I did shed some tears. Especially when Quinn wants to do something—anything to avenge Carissa. I wish all the victims of domestic violence in this world get a Quinn in their lives. 

 Highly recommended for all readers of romance.