02 October 2015

All I Need Is You

Wendy S. Marcus

All I Need Is You (Loving You, #2)

Reviewed by Helen
This is one of those stories that will pull you in from the first page and keep you up very late reading, it is a story that will make you laugh out loud and shed tears as our hero Rory and heroine Neve journey and to a HEA that has a lot of ups and downs on the pathway.

Rory is a solder fighting in Afghanistan and he has been through and seen a lot of things that you would not wish on anybody he comes from a good family that own and run a pub in Boston he has no serious girls in his life so when he gets a letter from a girl in The States asking if he would like a pen pal this starts lots of letter writing care packages emails and phone calls that starts a beautiful friendship the letters are hot and steamy funny and very heart-warming and these will change Rory's life forever.

Neve is an acrobatic dancer beautiful fit and very athletic and she knows how to please a man her life has been filled with men Neve seems to be always trying to please everyone else she is such a caring thoughtful person and she has decided that it is time that she settles down and she wants to make changes in her life and whether she knows it or not yet Rory is the man that will help her.

Truly this is such an awesome read I was laughing out loud in parts fanning myself in others smiling and tearing up as this wonderful story takes you on a journey to such a beautiful HEA as both Rory and Neve open up learn to trust and love they are caring thoughtful and beautiful people and this is a story that brings so many emotions out in the open I loved it and highly recommend this one and of course it was great catching up with Shane and Brooke from the first book in the series and I do hope that we see Nate's story.

5/5 stars for this fabulous story

25 September 2015


Review by Amanda

Cole Montgomery does not do love anymore because he has experienced the side effects of it firsthand. Since he doesn’t love he doesn’t expect anyone to love him back. His parents were proof of what loving someone could do if things went south. Therefore he keeps himself hidden away from the world, closing himself off from feeling any emotion at all. He likes what he does for a living. Being a doctor gives him alternatives to free his mind off his own problems. When his brother scoots off with his lady love on a family vacation, Cole is left to run the clinic. Since Cole’s sister-in-law is the Nurse Practitioner at the clinic, his brother hires Dr. Elisabeta Silva to help.
Dr. Silva, better known as Lizzie has always had bad luck. After her grandmother’s death when she was merely ten, Lizzie has seen more foster homes than she could count. These homes lacked basic incentives that a child needs…for instance love. Until at one foster home, she meets a woman who has helped in changing her life. As an adult she has had to cope with a fair deal of her own heartbreaks. It hasn’t been easy for her. When the opportunity arises for her to work in Wyoming she jumps at it with all the passion in her. It is in Wyoming that Lizzie finds a different kind of love in the form of the very broody Cole!

But will Cole have a change of heart and love again?

I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to fellow readers! It has a warm touch to it even though the medical field plays a small but vital role in contributing to the H/h’s HEA.

5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Nas

FATHER FOR HER NEWBORN BABY by author Lynne Marshall is October 2015 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series. Its from Mini-Series-Cowboys, Doctors...Daddies!

Dr. Cole Montgomery hires Dr. Lizzie Silva and gets hooked by her small baby and her smile. Could he leave his bachelor ways now to settle with Lizzie and her daughter?

Lizzie doesn’t believe romance exists anymore, could Cole convince her that romance and love does exist?

FATHER FOR HER NEWBORN BABY is a second chance romance. Author Lynne Marshall brought this sparkling tale of unexpected and chance encounters turning into passion and sweet happy ever after. Lizzie is a strong heroine and Cole is gorgeous and sensitive. A reader would stay hooked until the last page in this medical drama.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


HOT-SHOT DOC, SECRET DAD by Lynne Marshall

Review by Amanda

HOT SHOT DOC, SECRET DAD by Lynne Marshall is a test of faith and character strength.

Trevor Montgomery is trustworthy and reliable when it comes to his family and friends. Wanting to be closer to his sick mom and dad, he moves to his community and start his practice helping the hometown.

But living close to his family made it a duty for him to help out at the family ranch when need arises. So he hires a Nurse Practitioner who he soon realizes was a woman who he had shared a wonderful night with almost thirteen years ago, when they both were too young to settle down.

Julie Sterling has returned to her little hometown of Wyoming after her parents had passed on. But she has kept a secret all these years and seeing Trevor again opens Pandora’s Box. Trevor doesn’t know he has a son and Julie’s son has no clue Trevor is his father.

Working for Trevor is one thing but with him apologizing for the night they’d spent was another. With the secret weighing down on her mind, Julie blurts the truth out the same day she’d been hired. Trevor’s reaction is not what she had expected. Trevor clams up and hides in his own kinda shell giving Julie the impression he does not care he has a son. But for Trevor the feeling is different, He does want his son in his life but most of all he wants his son’s mother by his side too.

The only problem between Trevor and Julie now is for Trevor to reveal his feelings regarding this shocking revelation.

Author Lynne Marshall is such a dedicated writer. Her books have high strung emotions flitting off the pages as she tests and tempt her characters so much that in the end their HEA comes together so beautifully!

Fans are in for a wonderful story!

5/5 Stars


Reviewed by Nas   

HOT-SHOT DOC, SECRET DAD by author Lynne Marshall is October 2015 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series. Its from Mini-Series-Cowboys, Doctors...Daddies!

Nurse Julie Sterling never expected to run into complication when she returned to her hometown, yet here he was. Trever Montgomery. Her new boss. And he was her son’s dad.

Trevor hadn’t forgotten her but could he convince her now that he was ready for commitment? He wanted to get to know his son, would Julie let him? And he wanted to ask Julie an important question, what would her answer be?

HOT-SHOT DOC, SECRET DAD is a romance with high emotional tension and intensity. Yet it has some sweet and tender moments as well. Author Lynne Marshall brought this shimmering and sensational story with all the medical drama to satisfy a reader and make her escape into this story.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


15 September 2015

His 24-Hour Wife by Rachel Bailey

Reviewed by Nas

HIS 24-HOUR WIFE by author Rachel Bailey is a October 2015 release by Harlequin Desire series.

Adam Hawkes is married. And his family is astounded when he drops this bombshell on them. How could he have kept it a secret? But his marriage to Callie Mitchell was no traditional wedding. It was a drunken lark in Las Vegas. Only now the very fact that they are married is biting them because they are working together and being blackmailed about it.

So they decided to come clean and pretend its real. Though a real marriage would ensure Adam and Callie would be thrown together more and the chemistry between them as usual soars.
Could they turn their lark of a marriage into something real?

Read HIS 24-HOUR WIFE to find out how Adam and Callie deal with forced nearness and pretend marriage. It is a romance filled with red-hot passion yet sweet and tender moments too. Author Rachel Bailey did a great job of bringing Callie and Adam together when it seemed it was impossible for them to ever reach a compromise.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

His 24-Hour Wife

Rachel Bailey

Reviewed by Helen

His 24-Hour Wife by Rachel Bailey

Ms Bailey writes stories that are sensual so very enjoyable and take us away on such happy journeys and this one was so good this is the third story about The Hawke Brothers and this is Adam's story the eldest of the boys and they run the famous Hawke's Blooms flower company from growing designing and florist stores and what happens in Vegas does not always stay there.

Adam Hawke is the eldest of the Hawke Brothers and the most conservative and there are reasons he is like this and although he is so very good looking and could have just about any woman he wanted he does not want a permanent relationship like his brothers oh he can see they are happy but his feelings on the matter are deep and fixed or are they when after a drunken weekend at a conference in Vegas he does the unthinkable and lets loose, and now this is coming to haunt him.

Callie Mitchell is a very hard worker beautiful and caring and loves her job in PR but when she meets CEO Adam Hawke and they enjoy such a fun filled and sensual weekend in Vegas that ends up with them married things are going to change dramatically for her there is an instant attraction between them but in the morning they decide to go their separate ways and divorce but although they are not together it is their secret and the divorce has not happened. But when Callie is offered a job that will bring her in contact with Adam she must speak to him especially when she is blackmailed by one of her fellow workers.

This is such a beautiful story that is filled with desire sensual attraction and feelings that need to be talked about as Callie and Adam journey a moving and heart-warming path to the best HEA back where it all started. Callie and Adam come to life on the pages they are so real and of course meeting up with the rest of the family is always great, MS Bailey never disappoints me with her wonderful stories and this is one I highly recommend and another for the keeper shelf that will be re-read.

5/5 stars for an awesome story


Reviewed by Amanda

HIS 24-HOUR WIFE by Rachel Bailey is a brilliant and charmingly romantic story with just the right touch of scandal sprinkled on top.

Adam Hawke is keeping a big fat secret. It’s three years now since he’s been attending business conferences in Las Vegas. But at these conferences it’s not all work and no play. Each year at the conferences, he hooks up with the stunning Callie Mitchell and they play hooky in the bedroom.

On their third year, however, things change in drastic proportions. Drunk and totally off their bearings, Adam and Callie get married in a whirlwind affair. The saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ is the opposite for them. Someone knows their secret and will wield it against them if Callie doesn’t back out from the promotion at work. Not wanting to create a scandal and feed fodder to the media, Adam and Callie cultivate the perfect plan to deflect the truth and make their marriage real for the world when really it’s a big fat lie!

But in the breathtaking world of high society living, as they play out their fake marriage for the world to gush over, Adam and Callie become closer than ever. The sizzling chemistry between them grows flagrant and out of control and what should have been a fake marriage becomes real and lasting.

His 24-Hour Wife is a perfect story with a perfect and deserving HEA. Ms. Bailey has woven together a novel worth re-reading and it was fun catching up with the other Hawke brothers and their beautiful partners.

Highly Recommended
5/5 Stars

Seducing His Enemy's Daughter by Annie West

Reviewed by Nas

SEDUCING HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER by author Annie West is October 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Donato Salazar just wanted revenge and agreed to marry his enemy’s daughter. But he hadn’t counted on actually marrying her, his plan was to reject and jilt her.

Yet, Ella Sanderson was not the person he thought she would be. She was not interested in marrying him at all. And all his wealth made no difference to her. Could Donato persuade her to marry him? She wanted distance from him as it was her only defense against the feeling Donato was taking over her world. Could she let him in her heart? Ever?

Because as her man logic told her not to trust Donato, he was the one man who was protective of her. And as Donato found it was far easier to lose himself in passion rather than analyzing all the feelings he developed for Ella.

SEDUCING HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER is a romance with high emotional tension and intensity. Yet it has some sweet and tender moments as well. Author Annie West brought this shimmering and sensational story filled with enough chemistry and tension to satisfy a reader and make her escape.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Seducing His Enemy's Daughter

Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous story from a sinfully sensual seduction for revenge to such a beautiful moving HEA this is a story not to be missed.

Donato Salazar has had such a sad and tragic past he has been through so much, things that would break another man but not Donato if anything it has made him stronger in some ways but there is a lot that he keeps well locked in a corner in his mind, that is until he meets the one person that he is planning on jilting with his plans of revenge for her father. Can he open up and learn to love that one special person.

Ella Sanderson is the rebellious child in this family she has walked away from her over bearing and selfish father but when she is summoned home and all but blackmailed into doing something to save her brother and sister she does what is needed with no intention of going through with the plans. But when she meets the man that her father is setting her up with there is an instant spark of electricity that could light up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and this starts journey to opening up and honesty as they bring out the best in each other.

This is a beautiful moving and yes very sensual journey as both Donato and Ella open up to each other and Ella becomes more confident in herself and Donato learns to love again and they learn that they have so much in common as well as such a deep and joyous love for each other, this is a story that I could hardly put down and wanted to get to the end but when I did I wanted more. Another of MS West's to add to the keeper shelf I do highly recommend this one.

5/5 Stars for and awesome story


Reviewed by Amanda

Annie West knows just how to draw her readers into her stories. SEDUCING HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER is deliciously wicked and devastatingly hot! Donato and Ella felt so real you just want to meet.

All Donato Salazar had on his mind when he agreed to marry his enemy’s daughter was revenge. His intention had been to jilt his bride-to-be at the altar. But when Ella Sanderson refuses his proposal, Donato sets out to show her every reason why she should say yes, one touch at a time. He truly wants her.

Ella could see right through Donato Salazar’s guise. She knows what he is capable of so no wonder she refused his marriage proposal. However, when she starts to find pleasure in spending time with this super sexy man, Ella discards her rebellious nature by falling helplessly for Donato’s seduction. She knows she shouldn’t want him yet…her heart and body yearns for him like no other and accepting his proposal doesn’t seem like a big deal just then!

The chemistry between Donato and Ella bursts off the pages, making this story an entertaining and fun read!

Highly Recommended
5/5 Stars

14 September 2015

Pretend It's Love by Stefanie London

Pretend It's love

Stefanie London

Reviewed by Helen

Pretend It's Love by Stefanie London

This is one of those stories that you will pick up fall into and not want to put down till you get to the end and then still want more I loved this one as I did the first one in The Behind The Bar series.

Paul Chapman is a bartender working in his brother's bar and restaurant First he is known for having lots of flings and nothing permanent but there is a reason that Paul has decided to be this way even though the pressure from his family especially his mother and the fact that his brother Des is just about to marry is to find the right girl and settle down but he is fun loving always smiling on the outside and enjoying life and the drinks he mixes but then in walks Libby Harris and things could very well change.

Libby Harris has walked out on her studies to start her own business making fancy drinks she has always tried so hard to win the love and respect of her father and she is hoping that this will do the trick but her business plans are getting a bit shaky at the moment so she needs all the help she can get and when she meets gorgeous hunky bartender Paul at First bar and restaurant and he agrees to help her this will change her life.

This is a very sensual emotional and heart-warming story where both Paul and Libby decide on a fake relationship to help each other out with rules that are made for breaking but this brings them so much closer to each other and then they open up to each other and help and support each so much and through a few ups and downs on a beautiful journey to a HEA learn to love in such a passionate way that you will be cheering them on and smiling with tears here and there. Of course catching up with Des and Grace from the first story was so good and learning more about The Chapman family. MS London knows how to bring the characters to life on the pages and make you feel like you are in the bar tasting those cocktails, this is a story that I highly recommend and I do look forward to Noah's story fingers crossed.

5/5 Stars for a fabulous read September 2015 release Entangled:Lovestruck

08 September 2015

One Night in New York by Amy Ruttan

One Night In New York by Amy Ruttan
Reviewed by Helen

This is such a great story two people who have been through so much in their lives but have still come through with great careers as surgeons neither are looking for love or romance but when love finds them things become rocky but there needs to be a lot of opening up by them both.

Dr Mindy Walker has moved from her sunny California to a cold and wintery New York to take up a position at the West Manhattan Saints Hospital after divorcing her husband and leaving her best friend and on practically her first night there discovers and very gorgeous looking man in a bar and does something she has never done before has a one night stand that will change her life and start her on a path to happiness maybe.

Dr Sam Napier has been working at the hospital for years and is working hard to build his career as a pediatric surgeon on his own merits he does not want to get any position because of his mother who is a well known surgeon although born in New York he lived most of his life in Scotland with his father and he is such a caring but stubborn man and when he has a one night stand and then discovers that she is his new boss this really makes things hard for Sam.

This is such a beautiful and emotional story that will bring tears to your eyes and have you smiling as both Mindy and Sam open up to each other and overcome some tough times to finally realize their love for each other this one is fast paced the setting is fabulous and the characters are all rich in feelings and emotions this is one not to be missed.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Review by TashNz

New York City Docs is a series about four flatmates and friends sharing an apartment trying to be the best they can be at the prestigious West Manhattan Saints Hospital.  One Night in New York is Sam's story.  I felt I already knew Sam from the previous books in the series and I was so happy to finally reach his story.
One night, in New York, Sam and Mindy have a one night stand... two strangers who have never met before and who aren't in the habit of having one night stands but the fates have bought them together, destined to never see each other again...
Unfortunately life doesn't always pan out that way so when they meet up in the morning, both parties could probably be knocked over with a feather.  Dr Sam Napier is late for meeting the new Head of Maternal-Fetal medicine who was being introduced to the Peds floor.  Desperate to be chosen for one of two opportunities to be granted a pediatric fellowship Sam knows he needs to impress the new Head.  If receiving the fellowship had been based on his performance the night before the fellowship would have been all his I'm sure lol but unfortunately Dr Mindy Walker, the new Head of Maternal-Fetal medicine can't pick based on last nights performance.
Initially both mortified to see each other in such a professional capacity, One Night in New York tells the wonderful story of two people, amazing at what they do with bedside manners to die for (in more ways than one) and both trying so hard to succeed in a cut throat world and on the outside have it all but on the inside are both two lonely people.  An amazing career doesn't keep you warm at night and the last thing Mindy can do is show any favoritism, not to mention NOT have a relationship with Sam but when you're destined to be together, friendship is a great place to start. 
Set in a Manhattan winter I found One Night in New York to be an absolute delight with characters I warmed to and a tale I will read again.  I loved the city setting and I found the pediatric medical details absolutely fascinating including the Quints.  I loved the addition of Sam's mother and the barriers that caused. I was right there on the tourist visits Sam took Mindy on.  I would highly recommend this read to anyone and everyone.

Reviewed by Amanda 

Amy Ruttan delivers an entertaining read that transports readers into a world of blissful romance set amidst the backdrop of the medical field.

Sharp, witty and descriptive, ONE NIGHT IN NEW YORK is sure to keeps readers turning the pages!

This novel tells the story of Dr. Mindy Walker who is escaping a past and an ex husband not fit for nothing. Then in walks Dr. Samuel Napier who sweeps Mindy off her feet. Though a tad bit younger than her, Mindy finds Sam attractive and they share an incredible bond with each other. They part as mutual friends not knowing that Sam, impersonating as a Scotsman is actually a colleague at work! Could Sam and Mindy share something passionately life changing?

5/5 Stars

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"One Night In New York" by Amy Ruttan is a medical romance that is more of a contemporary romance with a twist. Very enjoyable, quick read, that is great for the beach, pool, or just hanging out inside your home.

This story is between Dr. Mindy Walker who is trying to escape her past and her cheating ex husband. One night she runs into Dr. Samuel, Sam, Napier at a bar, but she doesn't know who he is. Sam is a little younger than her and is impersonating a Scotsman. After a night of fun they separate as friends, but don't realize that they will be working together. It's nice to see the friendship between these two that could possibly turn into something else.

Review by Hina - 5 Stars

Dr Samuel Napier is a Scotsman by blood and an American by birth. And he is lonely. Not that he craves a love life as such because he totally believes in his mother's philosophy of surgeons never making good homemakers. That is a whole lot of bull by the way. He is lonely because he has no friends left at the teaching hospital where he works and is aiming for a pediatric fellowship under Dr. Chang - the best in her field. All his friends have found love and moved away one by one. And now he has a new person on the panel of the fellowship he has to prove himself to. A new attending at the hospital for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

Dr Mindy Walker is moving across the country to get away from the pitying looks and the shame attached to the fact that her husband (now ex-husband) cheated on her with her best friend. That her husband was gay. Leaving all that she has built in California, she moves to New York to start over but a little light-hearted fun is alright the night before she starts she thinks and picks up a man in a bar. A man she is instantly attracted to and instinctively feels connected to.

That man is none other than Sam Napier. Of course, neither knew each other and what happened was an honest mistake. Not a mistake really seeing their hearts were in the right place. The morning after, however, is a shocker when they come face to face in the hospital and decide to maintain their distance as neither could afford to have their reputation in tatters because of a one night stand.

Their relationship grows by day as they come to understand and get to know each other more. They become friends and wish to be there for each other in times of need. Is it not more than friendship they wonder. One vulnerable moment have them go back on their word of keeping distance because the need for the other is too much to be denied.

But the question remains that is the other night powerful enough to make them realise what they feel for each other is too powerful an emotion to be suppressed and that their happiness lies in their future together. The fact that Sam is younger than Mindy does not even come in to the equation because Age is, but, a number.

Review by Cheryl - 5 Stars

One Night in New York (New York City Docs) by Amy Ruttan

Dr. Mindy Walker moved from California and her ex-husband and what she thought was her best friend to New York, New hospital.

Dr. Samuel Napier is a Scotsman by blood and American by birth. His father lives in Scotland, his mother in the states. He does not have a relationship with his mother other than for her to tell him he should be a neurosurgeon instead of wasting his time in Pediatric Surgery. 
Sam was out for the night and was not looking for anyone. Mindy was out just to relax and they happened to find each other even though they were not looking for someone. She was starting at the new hospital the next day. She picks up a man who turned out to be Sam and they only exchanged first names. They were mutually attracted to each other. They went back to her place and the next morning she woke alone in her bed. 

She gets to the hospital and instantly they both realize this could get complicated. Neither said they were doctors but they knew that since she was literally now his boss and him in running for a fellowship under Dr. Chang, that they had to tread lightly and not let it out about the night before.
They did become friends and he did take her on the New York tour of Lady Liberty, went out for tea and had a good time. 

You must ready this wonderful love story to find out the ending. You will not be disappointed. 
Proves that you can meet a stranger and your lives can be turned upside down.

French Fling To Forever by Karin Baine

 Reviewed by Nas

FRENCH FLING TO FOREVER by debut author Karin Baine is a September 2015 release by Mills & Boon and Harlequin Medical Romance series.
Lola Roberts, as a junior doctor needed all her concentration on her new job. She certainly can’t afford any distractions yet her handsome French boss, Dr. Henri Benoit was proving to be hard to resist. 

Henri was in for the fling only but when Lola dropped the bombshell, what would he do? Would he commit? After all, he also had come to the realization that he couldn’t let Lola walk away from him. 

FRENCH FLING TO FOREVER is a sweet medical romance. Author Karin Baine, in her own unique way brought this tale full of emotional intensity amid all the medical drama.

Recommended for all readers of medical romance.  


Reviewed by Amanda

The moment I picked up Karin Baine's debut medical romance I knew I would not be disappointed with her work. Poetic and descriptive writing, engaging dialogue, thoroughly created characters and a tightly woven plot propels FRENCH FLING TO FOREVER into the must-read, highly recommended level. 
Lola Roberts needs to stay focused. Her new job as a junior doctor demands her entire attention. She cannot entertain any distractions even if her French boss, Dr. Henri Benoit has awakened every inch of her…tempting her to divert her focus with distracting thoughts filled with only Henri. She knows she cannot resist him for long…

Henri is one hot doc! He adds sizzle and edge to this rather warm story.

Overall, FRENCH FLING TO FOREVER brings emotional drama to the medical romance series with this fulfilling story.

Recommended Read
5/5 Stars


Reviewed by Helen

French Fling to Forever by Karin Baine
This is a story that is going to hook you in from the first page junior Doctor Lola Roberts is on her first day of 6 weeks with A&E training and she needs to keep her mind on the job but when she meets her boss the very sexy and French Dr Henri Benoit she is going to have to work harder at that.

Lola has been through so much in her life and confidence does not come easy to her and with her three older brothers covering her back she knows she needs to get stronger and cope with life as a Doctor and Henri also has some issues that have made him determined to not have a long term relationship he needs to be available for his sister and her children, but there is something that pulls him towards Lola and when his niece is having problems at school and Lola helps this brings them even closer.

This is a fabulous story by debut author Karin Baine that is really well written it is sensual emotional and very heart-warming when they decide on a fling and Henri helps Lola overcome the scars that she has carried for many years and with Lola helping with Henri's niece and helping him see that it is time to think of himself this one will have you smiling and I look forward to many more stories from MS Baine.

5/5 Stars for a great story

Newborn On Her Doorstep by Ellie Darkins

Reviewed by Nas

NEWBORN ON HER DOORSTEP by author Ellie Darkins is a September 2015 release by Harlequin Romance series. 

Finding a baby abandoned on her doorstep changed Lily Baker’s life drastically. She instantly fell in love with the baby. And the stranger who came running to pick up his key. 

Nic Johnson had been there before. Lost a child and been tortured by guilt, could he do it all over again? Could he trust himself to be there for Lily if things went wrong?

NEWBORN ON HER DOORSTEP is a full-on emotional roller-coaster of a story. The emotional intensity in this romance would touch a reader’s heart and keep her hooked till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Newborn on Her Doorstep

Elle Darkins

Reviewed by Helen

Newborn on Her Doorstep by Ellie Darkins

This such a lovely beautiful and emotional story one filled with sensual feelings when two people who have been through so much are instantly attracted to each other on their first meeting.

Lily Baker's life is turned completely upside down the day that a new born baby is left on her doorstep, Lily is self employed and has turned out a strong and caring person after being orphaned when she was young and this baby girl who turns out to be her niece means everything to her but can she be a proper mother and aunt to this little angel on her own, but then in steps her best friend's brother Nic.

Nic Johnson has also been through a lot losing a baby and partner he is a charity boss and does so much for children around the world but when it come to the thought of having any more children of his own that is a no go zone but the instant he meets Lily and this new born baby his life will drastically change.

This really is a story that will pull you in as both Lily and Nic along with baby Rosie will pull at your heart strings and have you smiling as they work on this instant attraction they have for each other and journey to such a beautiful HEA and a wonderful family life. I do highly recommend this one.

4/5 Stars for a beautiful story.

07 September 2015

Traded to the Desert Sheikh by Caitlin Crews

Reviewed by TashNz
She had no warning.  First line, great line, I know immediately I’m in for a great treat... trepidation as to what I'm going to read next... can't wait! 
Kavian ibn Zayed al Talaas, ruling Sheikh of the desert stronghold Daar Talaas, has finally tracked down his fiancĂ©e in the midst of the Canadian ski fields and hauls her home.  He's decided that he wants his arranged Queen by his side.  It is said so it shall be!  Amaya is devastated she's been found, six months on the run and she's been half way around the world and back in her travels.  The last thing she wants is to be cooped up in some god forsaken desert kingdom where she will be Queen!
Kavian spends his time convincing (or trying) Amaya she will make a fantastic Queen and he is 200% certain they will make the perfect team.   Once Amaya lets him in inch by inch it's harder for her to leave but she's quite convinced for many reasons she can't be who Kavian is convinced she can be.  I loved the Sheikh Kavian was.  He was old ways to Amaya's western modernised ways with most of the action taking place in his  kingdom, the descriptions of which were incredibly realistic and aided my imagination that I was right there preparing dinner with Amaya for Kavian in the desert and I was right there during the stuffy official occasions they had to attend.
Five stars for such a strong and emotional story all of which is wrapped up perfectly in the last chapter.  It nailed exactly how Kavian is and I think the author needs a massive high five because it was quite perfect.  I wish I could quote everything Kavian said but I can’t because it's a perfect summation of why Kavian spends 11 chapters being who he is, acting how he does and saying what he does.  And it's also why I leave the incredible skill of writing to the authors because all through the book I had no idea how to sum up in words how Kavian is.  I understood how he was but had no clue how to put that in writing and then when I read the last chapter and what he said it was "hit the nail right on the head" moment.  

To finalise I give Traded to the Desert Sheikh an whole extra star for the mention of my beautiful country New Zealand, which I assume was inspired by the authors recent visit <3  What a beautiful and magical few paragraphs describing my country perfectly.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live here, thank you!
6 Stars
Published by Mills and Boon Sexy September 2015 | Purchased by reviewer from Amazon Australia