30 July 2014

Fifth Avenue Series Book 3 : Expose Me by Kate Hewitt Fifth Avenue Series Book Three (Final)

Reviewed by Desere

Hold on to your hats ladies the third and final part of the brilliant beyond words Fifth Avenue series is here and it's a humdinger!

This time we meet Alex Diaz, ruthlessly determined on each and ever level of life. He has risen up from his deprived roots to become the head of a global medial empire. He has one last piece to achieve , he needs to avenge his friend by destroying the man responsible for her death and it 's no one other than our bad guy from the previous two books Mr I destroy lives Jason Treffen.

And he has the perfect plan to bring Jason down, talk show host Chelsea Maxwell is about to interview Jason on life TV! He''s use the chance to extract a very public revenge and seducing Chelsea , if it 's needed, would be no hardship, the woman is after all sending his hormones into orbit like no other before.

But Alex soon learns that he has underestimated the attraction between them, and as their relationship deepens Alex starts to realize that to annihilate Jason could also shatter the life Chelsea has worked so hard to build in order to protect herself. Will Alex choose revenge over the woman he's come to love or will he stand by and watch he life crumble when Jason meets his end?

I am huge, huge HUGE Kate Hewitt fan and I have always loved her books, so of course I was totally over the moon when I first heard about this series and saw that her name was under the authors contributing.

She has a unique special way of taking two characters and bringing them to life so vidvly it completley blows me away each and every time, and afterwards I have to find a way to come back down to earth.

In this the final part of the Fifth Avenue series she did so once again and unlike the first two books in this series , which I will tell you were both brilliant, Kate Hewitt brought me to tears. I felt sad for some of the other characters in the impervious two books but with the character of Alex and Chelsea I was so sad about their past I bawled my eyes out, which is always a sign that a book is super awesome!

Alex is just like Hunter and Austin from book one and two , wants revenge but unlike Austin and Hunter's who's  part in the revenge against Jason Treffen went more smoothly, Alex has it so much harder and because his past was a terrible one it makes him the hero from this series I most wanted to  just hold and tell him it will all be okay.

Chelsea was also a character that had me wanting to say " Hang on girlfriend, let me try to help you" because once you know her secrets you will understand that even if you had never met this woman you would want to help her within only a few minutes of knowing her past. And I will add the author had me on a rollercoaster of emotions because our darling heroine keeps her secrets to herself right up till almost the very end.

The ending of this book was WOW just WOW! It slotted in perfectly with the previous two books with such perfection it had me gasping for air. The sexual heat level was a little less than that of the previous two books but this was not a bad thing at all, Alex and Chelsea 's level of attraction is in a whole other realm , almost softer and more about understanding each other.

I would have expected Alex to be more aggressive than Hunter and more of a erotic master than Austin because his life has been so much harder yet Kate Hewitt created a harsh sounding man with depths of softness I did not see coming, and it could not have been more perfect!

I highly recommend this book for everyone who as myself is simply addicted to Kate Hewitt's books. She has once again shown just why she is one of the world's best selling authors.

An added note, the book is not to be read before you have read the first two, not because the story of Alex and Chelsea is not remarkable as a stand alone on it's own for it truly is, but if you really want to understand the entire mystery and secrets that bring these people together to fight for justice then do so from the very start, you'll thank me for it!

5/5 star review
" Exposing the truth get's more complicated then ever before" 

29 July 2014

Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon by Carmen Falcone

Reviewed by Desere 

Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon
This author is fast becoming one of my favorites, and with good reason! Each time I sit down to read one of her books I know I am guaranteed a brilliant plot, fast paced romance of the hottest kind and lots of delicious make me want to cry my eyes out emotion. 

In this her latest read we get to meet Addison Reed, she has lost her fiancè, but she will not stop at making sure his legacy is protected. Only she has a little bit of a hiccup in her path, that hiccup comes in the form of drop dead gorgeous and truly arrogant landowner, Bruno Duarte, Brazilian millionaire extraordinaire!

Bruno does what ever it takes to thwart Addison at each and every turn and refuses to meet with her, so she is left with no other choice, the man needs to listen to her and so HE WILL!  

But aside from Bruno having to duck and dive Addison he has a much bigger problem, his perfect plan to return to Brazil and marry in order to fulfill his father's dying wish, has gone spectacularly wrong with the bride dumping him, and then he is stranded with an idealistic woman hell bent on saving a tribe of people on his land, then suddenly the perfect solution dawns, if feisty and passionate Addison aka his abductor agrees to a bogus marriage then he will relocate the tribe, she'll be happy and so will he. 

Only this perfect plan has a flaw, the growing heat of desire is just as hot as the heat from the long Brazilian nights they are to share , and the only subject that remains is a simple one, give in to each other and abandon all plans or let their differences tear them apart. 

I am not completely sure where exactly to start my review about this book, because it was all just too incredible, but the first word that comes to mind is wow, just wow! Carmen Falcone has outdone herself! The read was so super hot and so super sexy I had goose bumps with each word and action being described. 

I wanted to crawl inside this read and stay there deep in the heart of the Brazillian heat! The character of Bruno was of course incredibly yummy, but the poor man has not had it easy, and I truly felt sorry for him. I loved how the author let him be just as set in his ways as Addison, can you say tension explosion, why yes , yes you can, and it was awesome!

Addison was a really cool, fun and feisty heroine that just makes you wish you could be near her just to see her blow Bruno and his plans out of the water, really great writing was done with this character, and it made for excellent reading.

I am taking away a very nice and clear sounding message from this read, opposites attract but that we all know already. But what if you are not as opposite as you think and instead a compromise can be found to satisfy you both?  Sounds like a great plan, but how to make it work? The answer is a simple one, look inside your heart for there lies the true answer as to who is with you and who is against you. 

I highly recommend this read for all fans of hotter than hot, sexier than ever before, smoking fast paced and truly emotional reads. 

5/5 star review 
" Kidnapping each other's hearts deep within the heat of the night" 

**Complimentary copy received in exchange for a honest review 

Fifth Avenue Series Book 2 : Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews Fifth Avenue Series Book Two

Reviewed by Desere

Hunter Talbot Grant III is rich, beyond good looking and also sports figure du jour! But he's not your average rich boy wanting to ruffle the feathers of his disapproving family by pursuing a career in sports instead of the family business. Nope this guy has so many levels of deep, dark and dangerous it's downright scary!

Then years ago he lost someone very dear to him and it set him back on so many emotional levels that the man is beyond the repair by even the best of psychologists. So he hides out in the shadows and makes sure his lief is as miserable as possible , all in the name of punishment for not standing up for the one he loved.

But then the chance to take revenge against Jason Treffen, the man responsible for destroying the life of the woman he loved arises and it's game on. Only there is one tiny hiccup, and it comes in the form of the woman sent to tame him.

Zoe Brooks , PR agent extraordinaire never fails to transform the most tarnished of stars and pretty boy Hunter is no different, except this time around there's a catch. Zoe has a secret , she's also been on the receiving end of Jason 's wrong side and she wants revenge just as bad as Hunter does.  But will their out of control attraction stand in the way of getting the job done?

I have always enjoyed the books by this author, particularly because her hero's always start out being very dark , sometimes so dark it truly would scare me if I had to encounter one of them in real life, but the magic lies in the author taking a very dark hero and slowly but surely letting the man evolve into the type that any woman would fall for.

In this read she did it once again, only this time the hero was far darker than any other I have read before. Hunter was so aggressive I could feel his anger pulsing through his veins. Very intense reading !

The character of Zoe was super cool yet very sad. She has such a terrible past it just makes you want to cry your eyes out for this poor woman. But she faces up to each and every single challenge and downfall of life and  I totally loved it !

This is the second book in the Fifth Avenue Series and picks up very nicely with the first book Avenge me by Maisey Yates. Scandalize me takes us deeper into the mystery, and Caitlin Crews of course reveals more secrets but does it in such a manner it only makes you want to beg for more and there is simply no way you can resist wanting to read the final part of the series Expose Me by Kate Hewitt, which is another of my favorite authors so I know I will be in for a heck of a ride.

I will also add that the heat level in this book is super hot, but if you're not into the erotic side of romance this read is not for you. If you however like your hero's as dark in bed as they are in outside the bedroom, this is a sure fire winner of a read!

I highly recommend Scandalize me for anyone and everyone who loves a dark hero gone bad and then brought back out into the light by the woman sent to tame him, what could be more fun! The bonus is that Caitlin Crews wrote it and she knows her stuff !

5/5 star review
" Scandalizing is about to take on a whole new meaning" 

28 July 2014

Tempted by her boss by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Desere

Love can be infectious, so much so that some people crave the feeling of love so badly they go looking for it once they've lost it, all in an attempt to have that super high feeling again.

In the new read from to die for fabulous medical romance author Scarlet Wilson we meet Dr. Grace Barclay, one second she's sitting at her desk and the next she's naked in the decontamination showers with the one and the only notorious sex god Donovan Reid! Not anyone's typical day at the office huh?!

The chemistry between them is hotter than the Sahara desert, so when Grace is assigned to Donavan's team she has to know her stuff in order to remain cool and calm and of course not want to strip Donavan naked right there in front of the rest of the team, the man is her boss for goodness sake, so a dismissal will for darn sure be in the cards!

It does also however give her the chance to show off her knowledge and impress for the right reasons, but resisting Donavan is so hard , so very hard,. It's her career or the playboy she's fallen in love with that comes with a feeling of such intense proportions nothing else can compare , but which to chose?

I am totally addicted to this author's books. Not once have a I picked up a book by her and felt disappointed or let down. She creates these intense perfect characters with so many amazing levels of emotion it blows my mind time and time again.

This time she did it again but the difference for me was that she did it even better than ever before! The character of Donavan was so intense and so hot the man sent my heart fluttering and for the first time in a Scarlet Wilson book I wanted to very badly and with all my heart be the heroine.

I loved this man to bits! He had so many wonderful levels of consideration it melted my heart! The character of Grace was equally wonderfully written, I loved her spunk when it came to wanting so badly to prove she could do her job and do it well!

I am taking away a special message from this book, everyone has someone they want to protect,. Their reasons might not always be known to us, but the reasons are there. But it does not mean we can give up in wanting to know the reasons. So if you find yourself craving the forbidden take a risk, get down and dirty if you have to but make sure you learn those secrets because you never know what lies on the other side, it could just be the happiest part of your life. And never let your career stand in the way of your happiness, meeting the right person only happens once and as careers go , there are plenty out there and hey everyone has more than one talent!

I recommend this fabulous simply too good to be missed read for all fans of the Harlequin Medical Romance line, written by one of the most talented authors out there!

5/5 star review
" Love level : Infectious , Career disaster level : lethal" 

The O'Neil Brothers Series by Sarah Morgan

Series overview by Desere 

The O'Neil brothers series by Sarah Morgan tells of three brothers,. Each one has lost their way in life just a little, and are in desperate need of someone to bring them back down to earth. The author takes us on a magical journey as each brother finds the perfect woman to bring him to his knees. 

But don't this this is another of those filled with too many secrets and too many thrills and spills to count series. No, this series is pure romantic perfection , with magical and calming scenery, a family who you will fall in love with and wish to be apart of. 

From grandparents to mothers and fathers , to the staff you will fall deep into the life at Snow Crystal and just like me you will never want to leave! 

In the first book Sleigh Bells in the Snow we gorgeously delicious Jackson, the brother with the plan to save his family business from downfall. He calls in the help of Kayla, and soon falls for her head over heals. But Kayla doesn't believe in love and all that Christmas stuff, so convincing her will be fun but who says he will get her to believe or even stay with him? In this read I learned that the past can mess you up so bad, but only if you let it. If you take control you can live a very happy life. Holding onto the past and letting it control your actions in life only causes pain and emptiness, and in the end all you will be is a cold hearted block of ice. Seek your happiness instead of doing everything possible to keep the happiness away.

In the second book Suddenly Last Summer we meet sinfully sexy surgeon Sean, last summer he and head chef Elise , who last summer rocked his world during a night when neither one could control their attraction anymore. He wants her again but only in his bed, his life is too complicated to let sexy distractions such as Elise mess up what he has worked so hard for, so all this can be is some fun. But even if he does manage to make it all fit someone, Elise has her own set of rules and getting the feisty chef to fall at his feet is more tricky then surgery! From this read a message of sometimes in life we need to step back into the past in order to find our way in the future, rang as clear as day!

In the third and final book Maybe this Christmas we meet ex skiing champ Tyler, he has long ago given up the focus on a career that ended suddenly and instead now focuses on giving his daughter Jess, all the attention she needs, it's a challenge he never knew he would need to face. But life brings about a new challenge when the one woman he has always wanted but never dared to risk the friendship they share ends up in his bed. Only Brenna has always loved Tyler and after their one magical night finds the courage and tells Tyler all about it, but Tyler is not the forever kind thus leaving Brenna to not be so sure that any of it was worth it or that her Christmas wish will indeed come true. From this read am taking away a message of life throws us curveballs we never see coming, but what if we grab onto the curveball instead of dodging it? Will it work out, will it fail? No one knows but just maybe we will get what we want by grabbing hold of the curveball  that is the first step to making it happen.

The entire series is a must read, from Jackson and Kayla and their happiness found amonst the sleigh bells, to Sean and Elise ripping each other's clothes off on a hot summer's night to Tyler and Brenna finally having the best Christmas ever!

I am truly sad to see the family go and I am even more sad that I will never be able to visit Snow Crystal again, the calming effect that each book's scenery gave me was simply amazing. I fell in love with this family more and more with each book and I wanted to stay apart of it all. Sadly none of us can, but at least there is the magic of re-reading this magical , perfect romance series over and over again because believe me this is a series you want your on keepers-shelf!

I highly recommend this series for all fans of romance looking for the magic of love, Sarah Morgan 's writing is simply phenomenal! From sweet, slow and sexy to scorching hot to sensationally sensual each book has something for ever kind of romance fan , or is that a brother for every kind of woman? No matter just read it, you 'll thank me for as long as you live! Sleigh bells in the snow ~ Jackson and Kayla's story

Sleigh Bells in the Snow (O'Neil Brothers, #1)   

                                                         Suddenly Last Summer (O'Neil Brothers, #2)               
                                                                                                                  Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers, #3)

Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers, #3)

Reviewed by Desere 

This is the final part to the amazing O'Neil brothers series by the always talented Sarah Morgan. This time we get to go inside the mind of Tyler and just why he won't get involved with his best friend Brenna!

Ex-skiing champion, reformed heartbreaker and single dad Tyler has one only mission this Christmas and that's to make sure his thirteen year old daughter, Jess, has the best Christmas ever. Then things get a little more complicated when his best friend Brenna has to temporarily move in with them.

She has been a distraction for as long as he can remember, but he has always kept his distance, because sex will complicate their friendship, and he'll be dammed if he messes up the only friend-relationship he still has left. So Brenna and her sexy ab's will just have to be kept out of his thoughts and out of his bed! Besides he doesn't do long term , ever!

Easier said then done, because Brenna, encouraged by her friends takes a leap of faith and in no uncertain terms makes sure Tyler knows she 's in love with him, she 's waited her whole life for him to see her as a woman and not just as one of the guys. But once they kiss the relationship shifts from friends to madly sexually addicted to each other, and Tyler is not the forever kind so is it actually worth it, or will Tyler make her dreams come true this Christmas?

I have been addicted to this series from book one and since I 'met' Tyler and Brenna in the first book I could not wait to dig into their happy ever after. From the first two books I could of course pick up that both Tyler and Brenna have some issues and the whole world can see they're in love with each other but keep holding back, this was delicious build up tension, but pure torture to wait , am so glad I finally got the lowdown !

Tyler has this sort of electric I'll make you mine with just a kiss feel to him which made him the sexiest brother by far. I adored how the author let him be this  intensely sexy man and he knows it ladies, he truly knows every woman wants him, but he stays gentle in so many other ways and does not let his sex on legs appeal get the better of him. He tries harder than most hero's to be a good father, he puts his foot in it quite a number of times but he tries so hard and it just made my heart melt and I loved him to bits! Through this character the author showed that there is always a different type of person underneath the layers we present to the world, never judge and never believe everything you hear, it hurts a person more than you will ever know.

The character of Brenna was fun, sweet, kind and just the type of heroine anyone will love. Her past is a terrible one, and made me stop and wish I could have been there to teach her how to fight back and stand up for herself. I simply loved how the author used Brenna 's friends to finally push her to fight for what she wants, it was like reading about a tiny puppy turning in to a fierce don't mess with me dog! Riveting ! Through this character the author showed that bottling up your feelings and anger never leads to anything good, the hurt festers and prevents us from becoming the people we are truly meant to be.

From this read am taking away a message of life throws us curveballs we never see coming, but what if we grab onto the curveball instead of dodging it? Will it work out, will it fail? No one knows but just maybe we will get what we want by grabbing hold of the curveball  that is the first step to making it happen.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. The read was magical, sensual and so romantic you will forever believe in the power of love and the magic of Christmas after reading it!

5/5 star review
" One night leads to Christmas every day and an avalanche of emotions " 

26 July 2014

Fifth Avenue Series Book 1: Avenge me by Maisey Yates

Reviewed by Desere

This is book one from the new Fifth Avenue series and tells of Austin Treffen  He was born into a world of privilege, you know the never want for anything kind, but behind the gilded doors lies corruption so sordid New York's elite would never believe it!

Especially because his infamous philanthropic father lies at it's core. With everything he believed in shattered into a million pieces how is Austin meant to take down his father, risking the family name and those he loves , when he has no proof?

That all changes when one earth shattering night with Katy Michaels unlocks not only the deepest, most passionate desires but also the key to bringing Jason Treffen's reign to an end. Only with the intense sexual attraction that combines a heady mix of exquisite pleasure and sublime pain it comes down to them either satiating their thirst for revenge and each other or losing themselves to a darkness there is no escaping from.

I have always been a huge fan of this author's books. The first book I read by her was brilliant and perfect in so many ways, but as she grew and wrote more and more her books started to take on a different feel. The sex scenes became more intense, the emotion so much deeper and the characters more dirty thus also more realistic.

This of course made me super happy because when I read a book it's that realistic this is real life feeling that makes me feel truly connected to the characters , and without it the reads are simply just a story to me, and let's face it there's no fun in that ! This author does it all perfectly!

In this read both main characters could not have been more real. They both deal with real issues, yes I know your most likely thinking Austin is a spoiled rich hunk what issues could he possibly have to deal with , a real
" Ag life is so hard! ".

But you could not be more wrong, Austin is rich and yes he is a hunk and yes he is spoiled but even the most spoiled ones out there can reach a point where life just doesn't seem so great or so perfect anymore. He 's had his share of a knock to the ground ten years ago, but he pushed past it and moved on. Only when he receives information that links his father to the death of a friend ten years ago does his life start to spiral out of control.

The read gets super interesting and super hot when it all comes into focus when Katy Michaels steps into his world and it turns out Katy is much closer to the tragedy from ten years ago then Austin at first thinks. The character of Katy was also just as Austin so realistic that her past when revealed sent actual shivers down my back. But if there is one thing this author's previous books have taught me it is that you always have to get back up and fight.

And this is exactly what this read comes down to. Austin and Katy can and do get down and dirty and yes in the very kinky and very erotic way, hey I did say it 's written by Maisey Yates and those who know her books knows the woman get down and dirty with a bang, so be warned if your not into the sub/dom world steer clear from this read. But in between the hot and very sweaty sex sessions there lies a story of making a choice. One can either take the revenge you so badly crave but what if you have your revenge and then still find yourself trapped in a world of darkness?

Will the revenge truly be worth it? No, of course it won't it never is , and the author brings home that message with utter perfection! I highly recommend this read for all fans of Maisey Yates books, just like her previous Harlequin Presents books you will be swept into a world of romance with spice and emotion and remarkably realistic characters and situations where people just as in real life try to back out, find a easy way out and even try to bring life back into focus by jumping the gun.

But the added fun of this read that makes it stand out from everything else she has written is the level of hotness and almost emotional detachment when it gets to those really dirty sex scenes. You can feel the characters growing nearer to the each other yet there is still this level of uncertainty that prevents the reader from wanting to start rooting for the hero and heroine to find a happy ending.

And in this lies the true talent of this author, she knows exactly how to get your attention, hold it to the point where you think you will go completely insane and then just as suddenly draws you back into her world letting you crave more and more of the magic where romance lives and it's a lot sexier and dirtier than you can ever imagine.

I look forward to the rest of this series and as always this author remains a auto buy on my list! Excellent work Maisey keep 'em coming !

5/5 star review
" The plan is a simple one of revenge, that is until the light stats to shine through threatening to erase the darkness of their souls" 

The Chatsfield Book Four: Billionaire's Secret by Chantelle Shaw

Reviewed by Desere

Sometimes secrets manage to stay hidden for many years, and sometimes even never see the light of day. But then there are times when secrets just simply refuse to stay buried.

The forth book in the new Mills and Boon series tells of one time heartthrob of London's top elite , the very gorgeous Nicolo Chatsfield. Now living alone in his family 's crumbling estate , he is a tormented soul that no one dares reach out to.  That is until a glimmer of hope enters his sad world, and light stats to pour through chasing away the shadows of darkness.

The light at the end of the dark tunnel is known as Sophie Ashdown. Sophie knows about painful pasts all too well and has absolutely no intention of redeeming Nicolo, all she needs is for him to attend the Chatsfield shareholder's meeting and she'll be done with him.

She does not count on Nicolo being a dark, compelling man that more than sends her body racing and very soon Sophie finds herself trapped under the spell that is known as Nicolo and easing his pain in the most pleasurable way seems harmless enough right? But will she be able to walk away when Nicolo turns back to the shadows or will she try to keep the man she has fallen for in the light?

I have always enjoyed this author's books. Deeply emotional and always touching on real life issues. This time around was no different as the author again created two very realistic characters with very realistic issues.

Both Nicolo and Sophie were well written and each one had their own flare, I will say I felt less connected to Sophie then Nicolo, which was a very weird feeling because I have always felt much more connected to this author's heroines in her other books and usually the hero's are great but am never fully connected to them.

I really enjoyed both characters drawing each other out from the darkness they are trapped in. Sophie of course is much more of a plaster a smile on my face and hide the sadness person where Nicolo is a straight out don't bother me kind.

It made for some very interesting reading, and sent the anger sexual levels slotting off the charts and slotting in nicely with the rest of the atmosphere.

I am taking away a message of life is hard and can sometimes be so painful that we simply don't want to get up and try again. For some they find a lucky break and discover someone or something to bring them out from the shadows, but what if that someone also lives in the shadows, would you be strong enough to try and bring them out into the light as they did with you? Don't leave behind those who support you when you are down, because everyone needs someone.

I recommend this read for all fans of the romance line that likes a good , emotionally packed read of two souls saving each other before it's too late.

4 star review
" Sometimes secrets are meant to be revealed in order for a life to be restored"  

Take me by Maisey Yates Fifth Avenue Prequel

Reviewed by Desere 

Watch out world the men from Fifth Avenue have arrived! In the prequel to what is definitely one of the best series ever released author Maisey Yates takes us into the exclusive world of New York's scandalous elite where everything is about to change.

Take me tells of Travis Beringer, as the son of a high-powered attorney Travis has never wanted for anything except the elusive Sydney Davis.

But everything changes in a heartbeat with the shocking death of her roommate, Sarah Michaels, and suddenly Sydney is in his arms seeking oblivion. Talk about a lucky break or is that a deadly break?

Travis and Sydney indulge in every single erotic fantasy they have fought against for so long, but what will happen when tomorrow comes? Will it still be a 'let's get down and dirty' fun fest or will reality rear it's ugly head and send the lovers in a down ward spiral neither one is prepared to face?

What a fantastic start to the series this was! The author really grabbed my attention and held it all the away through, which sadly does not always happen with most prequel's. All they tend to do is get you interested in the rest of the series but the actual characters that takes you in the world of the series is mostly there then just abruptly fades in order to make room for the rest of the characters in the other books of the series. This usually leaves me feeling empty and totally let down, and telling myself that I should have started with the first book and not have bothered with the prequel,.

I was more than happy that this was not the case in this prequel. The author went deep with the emotions of the characters and really let their tale of romance play out very nicely.

Highly recommended for all fans of romance and for those of us who are very addicted to series related reads, a very awesome first look into the Fifth Avenue world, where scandal, plans, power and money is at the top of the list to win the game!

5/5 star review
" Being taken has never been this this hot!" 

25 July 2014

Someone like you by Karen Rock

Someone Like You

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone knows you can't program love. It's meant to happen naturally , and no voodoo spell, or drink this magical potion is going to land you into the arms of the one and only.

But just maybe a new app can, well that's what Kayleigh Renshaw thinks, when she comes up with the idea of a brilliant
"compatibility app" , but the app's not for her to find love, it's only meant for others of the lonely life world to discover their true love, she'll keep playing it safe it 's the right thing to do.

The app is the wave of the future and the best kind of matchmaking software money can buy. All she needs to make it work is a programmer to help her bring the idea to the market.

And she knows the perfect rope me in am yours for the taking to work the magic needed. But there's a catch, because Mr work my magic Naill Walsh is not only Kayleigh's former best friend but also the one that has been avoiding her since his return from Afghanistan.

She can't quite seem to figure out if it's just her or if something far darker is holding him back. Can she gain access to his mind and discover what lies hidden behind his lazy all is well smile, or will she end up running away from her best friend when the truth is revealed?

I have been a huge fan of Karen Rock's truly inspirational reads since her first book. This author manages time and time again to take a everyday situation and turn it into such a vivid and realistic story that it is as if the characters are not simply a name on the page, but right there in front of you going through the worst time of their lives or finding their very own happy ever after. And this time was no different ! During this read I found myself thinking this is not a book, these are not just characters, this is not just a story, this is real life!

In this read I felt each and every single drop of emotion as if I was the one living it. The fear and anger Naill goes through at the loss of friend, the rage he feels at not knowing if what he is doing is the right thing or if he is simply mucking up again.

The heartache and feeling of being completely torn between honor towards her family and the man she has come to love that poor Kayleigh has to face. I more than once pulled out the tissues and bawled like a baby!

The character of Naill was such a heartbreaking one that I simply wanted to grab hold of this man and just hold him. I felt so sad for him and what the demons he had to face, and it reminded me of all the warriors of war out there, that sadly I see each day. They come home with nightmares, flashbacks and truly go through hell trying to try and re-learn life without thinking of what happened out on the battlefield. Some never even find the courage to crawl out from the hell they hide behind and simply fade away from the world. But then there are those like Naill who find a purpose to live again and this author reminded me that there is always hope and a way out. The scars never go away but with someone by your side they do get better and just a little easier to handle.

The character of Kayleigh was so sweet and so kind and just wants to make the world smile. I adored her so much and I saw myself in her all the way. It is a far nicer feeling to make people smile then sad. So yes I totally adored Kayleigh! She was so strong and courageous it made me so proud and I truly wished she could be real because I know for darn sure we would be best friends. Her not wanting to forget her family and the honor anyone would have for one's family made me sad, not because I don't believe in honor, for I definitely do, but because it made it so much harder for her to try and accept what happened to Naill. It is never easy to chose between being angry because of loss and learning to accept what happened and to instead fill your heart with love and not regret and hate. Through this character the author showed me that if we do go with the " I cannot accept what you caused " option then we will be pretty much as good as the walking dead. You will be left behind from the world and find yourself alone and in a pretty dark place, incapable of loving others.

I am taking away so many powerful messages from this read but the one that comes to light the most throughout the read is that we should never hide. Not from the world, not from those we love, and never from those we have lost. The world does not count because they are not ones that determine out happiness we are. The ones we love are the ones that will always be there for us no matter what, so don't push them away. And those ones we have lost, will never truly be gone, the memories of the times you sent together will always be there, and those can never be taken away, so don't let the ghosts of the past hold you back, smile and wave at them each day and thank them for looking down on you and giving you a chance to live.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. The book is such an inspirational read you will find yourself having a new zest for life, no matter what the circumstances you are facing might be. You will want to push harder and harder to find a way out of what ever you might be needing to face. A truly remarkable, magical, blow me away, bawl my eyes out, make my heart soar, have anyone and everyone believe in romance read!

5/5 star review
" Together they rescue each other"