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The CEO's Baby Surprise by Helen Lacey

The CEO's Baby Surprise

by Helen Lacey

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27 March 2015

The CEO'S Baby Surprise by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Nas

THE CEO’S BABY SURPRISE by Helen Lacey is Harlequin Special Edition release for April 2015.
Unable to ignore the sizzling chemistry, Mary-Jayne Preston gave in to passion and had a fling with the CEO of the hotel group where she was looking after a boutique for her friend. She walked away the next morning before Daniel Anderson even woke up.

Yet Daniel doesn’t think one night was enough and he pursued her. But she thwarted all his effort. She knew widower Daniel had closed off his heart to love and commitment. Wanting it all, she was not ready to be Daniel’s short-term fling. 

Then she found out that one night had consequences and she was pregnant. Would she tell Daniel? And what would Daniel do? Would he commit to her for his twin sons she’s carrying or for the love he had in his heart for MJ? Would MJ accept Daniel’s proposal of marriage knowing he was doing the honorable thing only?

THE CEO’S BABY SURPRISE is a story that will stay with a reader long time after she closes the book. It has that momentous impact by all the emotion depicted in this romance. Another shimmering and mesmerizing romance full of breathtaking emotions from author Helen Lacey.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


24 March 2015

The Millionaire and the Maid by Michelle Douglas

The Millionaire and the Maid

Reviewed by Desere

Every time I receive a new Michelle Douglas I know that I am in for a guaranteed treat. Stunning, deep heartfelt emotion, memorable characters, a romance story that will make my heart soar and my mind wander into the world of blissful romance.

And every time I tell myself, that there is simply no way the author could make this book any better than the last , yet she has amazed me time and time again, this time was a complete surprise, because I walked away from this read with so much more than I have ever done before.

The read tells of housekeeper Jo Anderson, she gets the shock of her life when she meets her new boss. Six months ago millionaire Mac MacCallum was a charismatic celebrity chef, now he's scarred and reclusive. So the very last thing he needs is determined Jo to make him confront his demons, especially when she very clearly has her own. But when Mac can clearly see Jo feeling like the plainest woman in Australia he recons he might be exactly what she needs to find her special flair.

By now I am sure you have already pretty much figured out that Mac is the one who let's Jo feel beautiful and makes her feel just as special as any girl could with the right words, the right looks and the right actions. And that Jo is the one who pulls Mac from his sudden recluse, you are absolutely correct, and I agree is sounds like a story line that has been done before and it most likely has, but the difference is that this time it was written by Michelle Douglas.

And as I have mentioned this author fills a read with deep heartfelt emotion,  memorable characters and a romance story guaranteed to make your heart soar, so you take all of that and add in the author's pure magical flair for twisting and turning characters into something you thought they might become but never really knew the joy it could bring when the time for change actually comes, and you have a ' rescue me and I 'll rescue you" romance that will stay in your heart for a long time coming.

The characters were both strong willed and determined to make themselves known, from page one there is no avoiding them, the author let them reach out from the pages and drag me in, demanding I listen to them, feel their emotions and want to get involved in their lives, and listen I did and with each emotion I felt I became more hopelessly trapped in a world I never wanted to leave, I cried my eyes out when the read ended, tears of joy for the characters finally reaching their hard fought for happy ending, but also tears of sadness that their story has come to an end.

This gorgeous romance is set against  the perfect backdrop, the descriptions used by the author made it felt as if I was right there, I could see the house, I felt the wind rustling through the trees, smelled the fresh air and I could touch the sunshine.

I am taking away a message of guilt is guaranteed to send even the strongest of people into a slump , hiding out from the world. And guaranteed not every woman feels beautiful until she is able to see what others see.  So what is one meant to do when guilt sends you running or your beauty is simply something others see and you spend your entire life trying to see? The answer is a simple one, love! Love will let you get back on the right path after guilt has sent you astray and love will let you see what has been there all along, all you need to in both instances is risk, believe and you will achieve happiness.

I recommend this read for all fans of romances that are perfect in every single way.

5/5 star review
" He sees the real her, she sees her change to free him " 
Reviewed by Nas

THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE MAID by author Michelle Douglas is April 2015 release by Harlequin Romance.

Jo Anderson is sent to check on celebrity chef Mac MacCallum after an accident on his sets. He has gone underground. Jo finds Mac in a pathetic situation but manages to bully him out of it. While doing that she manages to fall in love with him as well. But he also gives her self-confident in herself.
But would Mac ever put Jo first? Would he come to care for her as she does?

THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE MAID is a sweet romance filled with food, great scenery and intense emotions. Author Michelle Douglas has woven a tale filled with emotional intensity into a mesmerizing romance with a strong heroine and a damaged hero, who is brought to his full potential with the help of our heroine.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

23 March 2015

Accidentally Still Married by Carmen Falcone

Accidentally Still Married

Reviewed by Desere

Once, feisty Grace was married to the hottest man alive, Sebastian Zwane, the sex was mind blowing, he was sweet , kind and everything a girl could want. Then a tragic change tears them apart, little bit little each day, until they decide to call it quits.

Fast-forward two years later and Grace is in desperate need of saving her catering business. So desperate that if it means striking a deal with her hot estranged husband then so be it, all he wants in return is sex and for her to add her signature to the divorce papers, yes you read that one right, for you see Grace never actually signed those, and in return he 'll give her a large financial injection and her catering blues will be gone.

Sebastian sees the deal as a means to and end, he 'll get to feast on Grace's body one last time before moving to a new location to further his millionaire empire, and with Grace's golden signature he won't have to worry about her demanding half of his empire.

It's the perfect deal for them both, except when the deal comes to an end and their attraction is stronger than ever before, will they be able to walk away from each other?

I LOVED this book, it was fast paced, easy flowing and full of extra hot sizzle. Both main characters have a little secret from their past, that they preferred not to tell each other about whist they were together the first time, so of course when the secrets are revealed the book gained an awesome layer of intrigue.

The author sent a strong message through both characters, communication is vital in any relationship, if there is no communication there is bound to be at least one of the two halves that will keep trying to do what they think is best, all the while not knowing that what they see as best is in actual fact exactly what the other person is afraid of.

Accidentally Still Married is a sizzling hot, hearts breaking and being mended, emotional journey of two people gaining a second chance in life. I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a quick and easy romantic adventure with lots of depth, hot sex and a very happy ending.

Special note : The hero is South African , and that for me as reader was tremendously special because most hero's in romance reads are Italian, Greek or of some other nationality, and being South African myself I got to fall in love with a little something extra special.

5/5 Star Review
" Step one : Hot sex  Step two : Sign the darn papers  Step three : Walk away. After all it's just sex, right? " 

Escape to Paradise by Robyn Rychards

Escape to Paradise

Reviewed by Desere

Andree Bancroft lives a very sheltered life on the beautiful island of St. Barthelemy and there is no place she would rather be. It's peaceful, beautiful and very much what every busy person craves.

Then her perfect little quiet world hits a very distracting and also very good looking bump, in the form of a famous singer showing up at the villa her father manages. She has no clue at all who exactly the man is, but she does know one thing, the man sends her heart into overdrive and attracts her like a moth to a flame.

Maximillian Chanteur is desperate, his fiancee dumped him, his muse has gone up and vanished, and to top it all off he lives in a fishbowl, hiding out from fame. Escaping to the island is definitely what he needs, it will be good for him.

What he does not need is sexy, kind and caring Andree , kicking his heart into gear and his body demanding he grab her and prove his studliness is very much alive in the bedroom department, but resit he must and he will , except Andree is breaking down his defenses bit by bit and he slowly feels like his escape to paradise is about to go up in flames of desire.

I have been a fan of this author's books from the very first time I read Her Man from Silo  . She has a very emotional and sweet way of telling a romance that is filled with love, tenderness and as reader you simply cannot help but get drawn in. But of course for some readers it would not be what they are looking for, some readers simply put, prefer lots of hot passion  and less emotion. For me either way works because it's rather about the actual story being told then anything else, but of course everyone has their own preferences.

But this time around the author has really showed she can take her stunningly sweet writing skills and turn the tables on me as reader. Escape to Paradise still had that emotional heartache and sweetness about it, but the author added in a large dose of passion, super sexy scenarios, a hotter than hot hero and a truly sweet as sugar heroine, set it all against the backdrop of a magical island and voila , absolute perfect romantic escape, yep she nailed it!

The character of Maximillian ( of Mr super hot rock-star as I like to call him) was one of those hero's that was really, and I mean really lost in his sorrows. Not that anyone could blame him, I mean if your fiancee takes off, your muse goes missing in action and you literally have to hide out every minute of the day to avoid hounding fans and face the pressures of avoiding a little addiction, then there really is no one that can say you are sulking for no reason.

And because of all these life-let-downs I really wanted to grab hold of him and tell him that it will somehow all work out, okay so I am lying I wanted to just grab him and kiss him senseless and then tell him it will all be okay,  the author truly wrote one heck of a hot hero!  Hello Mr Rockstar, come sing to me! At the end of the day, it was through this character that the author showed how strong someone can be when they find just the right person to reawaken their spirit, the trick is to not chase the new found zest for life away.

Andree was such a sweet as sugar heroine, that she was the absolute perfect image of that best friend we all need when life gets us down. I loved her innocence most of all, it was really refreshing to read about a girl that has never so much as thought about sexy men, instead of the usual , been there, done that, what's the next challenge? , kind of heroines I usually come across in romance reads.

Her innocence is of course also what makes her so kind and caring, she's never really faced having to deal with someone who has countless issues, let alone feel so strongly about fixing it all. Through this character the author did an amazing job showing how innocence, being over the top kind and caring is never a bad thing, it's what sets you apart from the world and makes you that  one special person to someone that is in desperate need of saving.

A to die for backdrop, delicious vanilla rum, super hot hero, super sweet heroine and truly amazing journey of love being the ultimate winner in a battle of heartache , this read had everything I love about romance reads. I highly recommend this read for each and every single romance fan out there.

And as for the author adding that super sexy layer of spice to her writing, I will only say , Robyn Rychards welcome to the world of pure romantic bliss.

5/5 star review
"Escaping to paradise , becomes the rescue he's always needed but simply never knew" 

21 March 2015

The Millionaire's Proposition by Avril Tremayne

The Millionaire's Proposition

Reviewed by Desere

I have from book one been a huge fan of this author's unique fun and quirky way of writing, she is somehow able to take a totally fun heroine , add in a " I am going to kill this man" hero , mix it all with a smashing setting , add a large dose of " I did not see that coming" twists and turns and in the end it's the perfect pick me up read, not every author out there is able to pull it off.

So of course I totally squealed with excitement when I found this gem in review request box, you hear that , yep that's me still squealing ! This read is a ' friends with benefits arrangement read, two nights a week, strictly confidential and for one month only.

Sounds dangerously exciting, well it was meant to be, but lawyer Kate Clearly is so buttoned up that she hears millionaire architect Scott's proposition and immediately whips out a contract for them both to sign, thus kind of taking the thrill out of the entire set up.

But Kate is no dummy, because when Scott sees her in high heels and stockings she has him right where she wants him and all he can do is sign, and the danger - thrill level soars right back up!

Being in the business of ending marriages means that Kate is pretty much jaded about relationships, and thus she is ready to make sure that her little " complicated enigma" aka hotter than hell Scott , will be a complication she solves very quickly before walking away. One one little flaw in her master plan, she 'll have to break her own watertight contract in order to walk away.

First things first , the banter between Kate and Scott was simply put , bloody excellent, as in I was totally addicted to it. It is not every M&B book that I pick up that has this level of boundaries being pushed, it was absolutely electric.

The author showed her magic again but ensuring the book is fun, flirty and really hot!!  The characters were all the kind that you know exist in real life, but you never get to go inside their minds, you can't hear their thoughts, you can't see behind the image they show the world and if you are anything like me, you will understand when I say that it is a truly irritating thing to know you need to get into the person's soul in order to really understand them, but you just can't breach that wall. The author took me deep into the minds, the thoughts and the emotions of the characters and I was thrilled beyond belief.

A really sexy and I mean really sexy read filled with just the right amount of humor to keep you laughing and enough emotion to really get you thinking. The perfect " hero is a little screwed up, heroine needs to be knocked down from her pedestal sexy romance explosion " read.  And I cannot end off without telling you about the totally romance perfection ending, it sent my heart soaring, my mind racing and wishing I could be Kate, Scott you rock!

5/5 Star review
" One month, one contract , two hearts racing towards the ending" 

The Professor's Secret by Robyn Rychards

The Professor's Secret

Reviewed by Desere

On the verge of graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Biology, Danielle Gerome faces one of life's hardest battles when he parents are tragically killed in a accident. The last thing she expects is help from the art professor she's has admired from afar since she started college.

From semester one that Danielle walked into his art history class Shane Bancroft has been in a daze. Four years later and he still can't stop thinking about her, but he has tenure on the line so he naturally does't dare act on his feelings, except focus on the fact that she will be graduating soon.

Then he sees her crying in the campus library ( don't you just love it, a romance that hits a spark in a library, perfect ! ) , one night and soon he starts wondering if the sacrifice of tenure is actually worth missing out on the possible love of a lifetime romance he knows he will have with Danielle.

This novel is a prequel to the author's title " Escape to Paradise", it was such a lovely little read that really sent my heart soaring. A story about two people who both need love to get back to light , but circumstances simply hold them back.

The author did a wonderful job taking me on a journey of love, self discovery and that amazing love story that follows when realization hits.  A very hot little read, and I will also add the author totally amazed me with the level of intensity and passion, I am not use to her reads being so " in your face" but I am totally loving it!

I walked away from this read with a very big smile on my face , it will stay in my memory for a long time coming.

Excellent work Robyn !

5/5 star review
" The art of love become romance history" 

20 March 2015

Craving Her Enemy's Touch by Rachael Thomas

Review by TashNz
Craving Her Enemy's Touch
by Rachael Thomas

Set against the fast and furious backdrop of motor sport, Charlie is forced to face the nightmares of her brother's horror crash when Sandro comes knocking on her door.  A year has passed since her beloved brother passed away and the last place Charlie want to be is at the big reveal of the car her brother was working on before he died.

Sandro sets out to honor Charlies brother's promise but it's hard when the two finally meet and they're hit in the side by the intense feelings they have towards each other, the emotional tug and pull of heartstrings due to their mutual connection and the passionate nature of each person.  Sandro, because he's not revealed everything there is to know about the crash and Charlie because, as much as she tries to hate Sandro and tries to hold him responsible for the, she can't ignore the magnetic pull she feel's in Sandro's company.

Set in the beautiful Italy, Craving her Enemy's Touch is an emotional story and one which completely filled my mind and and attention with the flow of the story, the perfect characters and the absorbing story line. I very much enjoyed that there was no hostility on Sandro's part (as in the general Harlequin Heros), that he knew how he felt from day one but felt honour bound by his promise.  I loved Charlie, she's one awesome chic and perfect for Sandro.

A wonderful read and will be well enjoyed by all, especially those who like slightly different heroines :D

An April 2015 Harlequin Presents release.

Reviewed by Desere 

Craving Her Enemy's Touch

King of the racing circuit, Sandro Roselli might send Charlotte Warrington's pulse into overdrive, but he's also hiding something about her brother's death. Sandro has offered Charlotte a job but she will make sure that 's she the one in the drivers seat on the road to uncover his secret.

But as we all know life in the fast lane, is dangerous and with Sandro it's a danger no woman wants to get involved in, except Charlotte can't seem to stop craving. She craves Sandro's touch , craves the walking danger-zone he is, she want's to lose herself in his intoxicating world. He is literally driving her crazy! There's no reason for her not to take what Sandro is offering, but will their affair survive the dark secret he hides?

Everyone that knows me well enough knows I absolutely LOVE romance books and I LOVE racing, and that I am addicted to anything Italian ! So of course when you combine the three , it's a thrill I cannot resist.

Sadly the author's of racing romance books, don't always get it right. The entire adrenalin rush that goes with racing and a super thrilling romance needs to really draw me in, with the words romance and racing they already have my attention but the trick is to keep it.

I am totally revved up to report that Rachael Thomas made the list! She kept my attention from page one, put me in the front row for all the action. I felt the pure adrenalin rushing through my veins just as fast as the cars sped around the track, and not once did I get the " This is such a load of hogwash, racing is never like that!" feeling at all.

I loved the fiery passion between Sandro and Charlotte, it was just as addictive as the thrill of reading about a racing hero. And did I mention it's set in stunning Italy!  And oh my gosh the emotional level of this read, wow just wow! I cried, I laughed, I screamed, I pulled my hair out and I even wanted to literally kill the hero, but of course I forgave him , every racing fan knows the drivers always have a reason for their actions and acting a little out of the start-up-line.

There is only one other author from Mills and Boon that has been able to take racing and romance and combine it into the perfect read, so a huge congratulations to Rachael Thomas you have definitely made the list!

I could say so much more about this read but if I do I would go on and on and on ( like anyone else would when they speak about perfection) but of course it would ruin it for other readers, so I will end it off by saying , if you love gorgeous Italy as the setting, an off the charts hot motor sport hero, a totally awesome heroine , roaring cars ,speed, adrenalin and a rush that will leave you breathless,  all penned by an amazing author, jump into your car, race out to the shops and pick up this little guaranteed gem of a read.

5/5 star review
" She craves his touch, he craves her forgiveness" 

Reviewed by Nas

CRAVING HER ENEMY’S TOUCH by author Rachael Thomas is a May 2015 release by Harlequin Presents. 

Charlotte Warrington goes into hiding after her brother’s death. Her brother died in a tragic accident while test driving a new car. 

Now the car manufacturer, Sandro Roselli, wants Charlotte to be at the launch of the new car. Would she go? Could she go? She needed to find out how her brother died. Was there a cover up? 

What would ultimately happen between the scorching chemistry between Sandro and Charlotte when she discovers the secret he is hiding? 

CRAVING HER ENEMY’S TOUCH is a sensual romance with hot and steamy scenes. Author Rachael Thomas has brought this story set in the car racing world and with it she brought to the pages the glamor and glitter of it.

11 March 2015

After The Silence by Rula Sinara

Reviewed by Nas

AFTER THE SILENCE by author Rula Sinara is March 2015 release by Harlequin Heartwarming series. This is Book Two of ‘From Kenya with Love’ mini-series. Rula Sinara’s Book One was The Promise Of Rain.

Hope Alwanga was an intern at the hospital in Nairobi. But she was washed out by all the death and lack of facilities and medicine and was forced by her brother to take a break in America with a friend’s family. This friend, a marine, Ben Corallis has lost his wife and is left with three small kids to raise on his own.

Hope took her responsibility very seriously. She looked after the kids and became very close to them. They were a broken family and Hope melded right in. But Ben was a distraction she could do without. She couldn’t keep the children or Ben from becoming too attached to herself; after all she just came for a break. She was needed back in Nairobi. 

AFTER THE SILENCE would keep a reader hooked from the first page till the book ends. The emotional intensity moved me to tears and made me choke up many times. Author Rula Sinara has a way with words that would take a reader right into her story-world and keep her entranced. 

Highly recommended for all readers.