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Not In Her Wildest Dreams

Not In Her Wildest Dreams

Dani Collins

Not In Her Wildest Dreams by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Helen

I love MS Collins stories they always leave me smiling and this one is an all round fabulous story with lots of characters that add to Paige and Sterling's journey lots happening that will keep you turning those pages and of course there is another book to follow which really makes me smile.

Paige Fogarty has come back to the small town she grew up in Liebe Falls her father has had another heart attack and he is under pressure to sell his share of the local furniture company Roy's Furnishings that helps keep this town going to his partner and there is a lot going on with all of the people that work in the factory and when Paige's high school crush Sterling Roy is in town as well things heat up.

Sterling has arrived home because his mother has pushed him to return things look like changing in the family business and they need Sterling to make sure it goes well and that the Fogarty's don't change their minds but there is a lot of water under the bridge between Sterling and Paige and it doesn't look like it is over yet can they work closely together and bring the company around.

This story has a lot going on a mystery, embezzlement, affairs and secrets that have been held for a long time Paige has lived under the Fogarty reputation that has been strong for years her brother Lyle has problems as well and then there is the Roy family pillars of society or are they. MS Collins has bought this town and its characters to life in such a fabulous way the story is riveting and so very very good and I am really looking forward to Lyle's story.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published January 15th 2017 by Smashwords Edition

Dante's Shock Proposal

Dante's Shock Proposal

Hot Latin Docs #4

Amalie Berlin

Dante's Shock Proposal by Amalie Berlin

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous finish to this series I loved it MS Berlin has written a keeper that will have you savouring every word as the last Valentino brother Dante meets his match in surgical nurse Lis Bradshaw and what a sensual passionate ride this one is sit back and enjoy I did.

Dante has many secrets that he has kept to himself for many years and even though he is close to his brothers after what they went through when they were younger he feels the need to keep these, but his brothers are all now happily married with children and children on way so it is his turn so as they will not worry about him and when fate brings his best surgical nurse into the club he is playing piano at he feels things are about to go his way or maybe not.

Lise is good at her job she has been through a lot as a child and is all alone no family and she does not feel the need to have a man in her life but a baby is something else and her plans to be a single mother are going great just a few more things to sort out and with a few of the other nurse trying their best to get her paired up with blind dates brings her to the Inferno club where she doesn't meet her date but runs into Dr Valentino the man who she works with and has always been drawn to life is about to change for Lise.

This is a sensual passionate story both Dante and Lise have a few things in common from their past and maybe the pair can both meet each others requirements in life with not a lot of problems but they cannot deny the emotions and sparks that start to fly from their first night together. The banter between them will have you smiling there is humour and the strength that Lise shows will have you cheering her on and Dante's protective streak is so alpha I loved this story the characters are so real and of course meeting up with the other family members is so good, thank you MS Berlin for a fabulous story that ticked all of the boxes I highly recommend this one it is so emotionally beautiful as was this series.

5/5 stars for a beautiful story

Expected publication: January 17th 2017 by Harlequin

Rafael's One Night Bombshell

Rafael's One Night Bombshell

Hot Latin Docs #3

Tina Beckett

Rafael's One Night Bombshell by Tina Beckett

Reviewed by Helen

This is the third book in The Hot Latin Docs series and wow what another fabulous story about the Valentino Brothers this is Rafael's story or Rafe as he is known to everyone and time for him to have his HEA with the wonderful Dr Cassandra Larrobee Cassie and it is sure to keep you turning the pages.

Rafe has been through a lot in his life at the age of eighteen losing his parents and with his twin brother Dante having to make a decision that was so hard and then caring for his younger brothers hence Rafe has a hard time getting close to people because he is afraid to lose them, but when he meets the gorgeous Cassie at a bar in Miami on a night that should be a one night stand this night turns into a lot more sparks fly and feelings grow.

Cassie too has been through a lot as a child herself and has issues with getting close and trusting as well and when she discovers that her fiancé is cheating on her well she does something that she would never do and has a one night stand that in the end leads to a lot more and also the worry of a deadly virus that brings her and Rafe back together in a very tense and sensual meeting that has desire sparking again and they cannot ignore it.

This is truly a passionate and moving story that brings two beautiful people together after what should have been a no strings one night stand but with consequences and worry and finally them opening up this one will have you smiling MS Beckett has bought out the love and emotion that will surely have you smiling and sighing, I highly recommend this story for anyone who loves a good romance with a heartfelt story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: January 17th 2017 by Harlequin

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize

The Billionaire's Legacy #8

Maisey Yates

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize by Maisey Yates

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous end to this series and Maisey Yates has put the icing on the cake with this one, it is now Alessandro's turn to get his beloved grandfathers last lost mistress back his lost love and to do this he must visit the exiled Queen Lucia of D'oro in the small country of Aceena where Alex's life is about to be turned upside down in such a good way.

When Alex arrives he is greeted by a young woman who appears to be owl like but there is something about her that draws him in she is a little feisty and stands up to Alex by saying that her grandmother is not available but of course Alex is nothing if not business like and determined to please his grandfather and the meeting goes ahead.

Gabriella D'oro has lived with her grandmother most of her life does not travel she is a complete blue stocking and wallflower and she loves it that way she studies history and art but the minute that this tall dark handsome stranger walks into her home Gabriella starts to feel sparks that are very new to her.

This really is a fabulous story it is sensual and moving there is drama a mystery and of course we finally get the full story of Giovanni's Lost Mistresses and what a very enchanting story that one is but of course this one is about Alex and Gabby and they travel a very sensual and magical path as Alex the monster (so he says) becomes Alex the lover and Gabby the wallflower becomes Gabby the beautiful. This one is sure to leave you smiling absolutely fabulous thank you MS Yates for a keeper it really does tick all of the boxes for a great romance.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: January 17th 2017 by Harlequin Presents Large Print

Mr Dangerously Sexy

Mr Dangerously Sexy

The Dangerous Bachelors Club #4

Stefanie London

Mr. Dangerously Sexy

Reviewed by Helen

I am loving this series and it is sad that it is the last one, I love the people who work at this security company and this one is a fabulous story we get the two co- owners Addison Cobalt and Logan Dane keep your fan and a cool drink at the ready because this one is steamy sensual and left me sighing.

Addison wants independence oh she loves the company and Logan but she feels that it is time for her to start a new business but when a stalker decides he wants something from Addi things go a little bit of the track but it does bring Logan much closer to her and that spark that has been there for many years fires up and with the feisty Addi proposing bets that leave them together for a weekend lets just say woohoo.

Logan has lost so many people in his life and the promise that he made to Addi's father is very important to him he knows he has hurt her before but he needs to protect her when a stalker decides to go after her but of course that brings them so much closer and closer to uncovering her secrets and closer to Logan losing his control on his feelings for Addi in such a great way.

Loved loved this one MS London has done it again written a story that ticks all of the boxes for an awesome romance it is sensual so very sensual as Addi and Logan push each other to the limits of their control and fall even deeper in love yes there are things to get over from their past but they do it so well, there is danger lurking and humour with their banter. I can highly recommend this story it is sure to leave you smiling and blissful thank you MS London.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: February 1st 2017 by Harlequin Blaze

The Billionaire's Virgin

The Billionaire's Virgin

Billionaire Fairytales #1

Jackie Ashenden

The Billionaire's Virgin by Jackie Ashenden

Reviewed by Helen

This is the first book in this series The Billionaire Fairy Tale Series and the first one is Cinderella one of my favourite troupes and this one is beautiful I loved seeing Mia a homeless virgin go from the streets to a penthouse with the aid of playboy and bad boy Xavier De Santis.

Xavier De Santis is the bad boy in the family he works for the family business in security and protection but lost his mother when he was young and that leaves him scared and feeling that everything that is dear to him he breaks or hurts and now after a fight he is sent to a homeless shelter to help and for some reason he notices a young woman and for some even stranger reason the need to help her but it scares him as well.

Mia has lived on the streets for years she is a loner and sticks to herself going to the shelter for food and sometimes when it is really cold accommodation she feels that she cannot take anything from anyone because she does not deserve it she has been through so much. She is very wary when she meets the new rich guy helping feed the homeless at the shelter and for some reason he seems to trying to get close to her and this scares her a bit.

Sit back and enjoy this journey between two people who are scared and vulnerable I smiled and shed some tears and got a bit frustrated with them both and Xavier and Mia open up to each other and join together in such a beautiful romance Mia is a lot stronger than she seems and the their love for each other is so moving give me a Cinderella story and I am happy this one is a must read and woohoo the start of a series thank you again MS Ashenden for a story that is going to stay with me for a long time.

5/5 stars fro a fabulous story

Expected publication: January 10th 2017 by Swerve

A Royal Baby for Christmas

A Royal Baby for Christmas

Christmas Miracles in Maternity #4

Scarlet Wilson

A Royal Baby For Christmas by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Helen

MS Wilson never disappoints me with one of her stories she brings out the best in emotions from her characters makes you feel part of the story and these characters become friends and this story is a beauty loved it the setting the story line so good and it is a Christmas story.

Sienna McDonald is Scottish and with an accent that makes a lot of men melt and she is pretty feisty with it but she is also a top neonatal cardiothoracic surgeon at Teddy's in The Cotswolds but when she is sent to Montanari to help train the Doctors there she meets Sebastian and the sparks fly and both decide on a fling that neither of them will forget ever and that leaves Sienna pregnant.

Prince Sebastian Falco leads a busy life a life that is all about duty so when he meets the gorgeous feisty Sienna at the bar and with an impending duty engagement about to be announced a fling is all that he is thinking about but really this pull he has never felt for a woman before and their fling does not end well and Sienna leaves and returns home but Seb cannot stop thinking about Sienna and his duty and when he hears about the pregnancy he goes after her.

What a fabulous journey to a beautiful HEA Seb arrives at Teddys determined to make Sienna his wife and make his child the legitimate heir to the throne never thinking that Sienna would not want what any woman would want the fairytale a Prince a castle but she is nothing but feisty and strong it is Christmas Sienna's favourite time of the year and she has no intention of marrying for duty that brings back too many memories for her so Seb works hard. This story will have you smiling throughout what a beautiful story it is I can highly recommend it really don't miss this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published December 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical

Devil's Mark

Devil's Mark

The Devil's Keepers #2

Megan Crane

Devil's Mark by Megan Crane

Reviewed by Helen

This is the second instalment in this series and I loved it WOW what a story one hot biker who loves his bike, wild sex and the family he now has in his club and then there is Holly the crooked Mayor's daughter the good girl the innocent sit back and enjoy a ride and a half that is sure to make you smile.

Holly Chambless has always done what her father has wanted her mother keeps to herself with her medication a bit of a loner Holly is the good girl but when her father is arrested everything goes pear shaped for Holly or does it when she starts work in one of the Devil's Keepers bars and meets up with someone she met when she was 16 and has never really forgotten.

Killian "Uptown" Chenier is one of The Devil's Keeper Bikers and he is tough tattooed and gorgeous he loves the groupies and sex and he likes it wild as, so why he is so drawn to Holly Chambless the virgin princess he has no idea but he needs to get inside her and to protect her.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series but I loved this one even more there is a lot going in the club and I really am looking forward to finding out more about that in the next book but of course Holly and Uptown's story is one hot sexy ride it is a beauty Holly is a strong heroine even though she is so innocent and Uptown has never forgotten her and they make just the best match loved this one thank you MS Crane for a story that will stay with me for a long time I want Uptown.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: January 3rd 2017 by Loveswept

Santiago's Convenient Fiancee

Santiago's Convenient Fiancee

Hot Latin Docs #2

Annie O'Neil

Santiago's Convenient Fiancée by Annie O'Neil

Reviewed by Helen

Can I say WOW this is the first in the new series Hot Latin Docs and yes Santiago is one hot Doc/Paramedic and he is going to enjoy this journey to a HEA with the feisty tough and tiny Irish Saorise Murphy but first there are hurdles to get across.

Saorise has landed in Miami and feels at home a NCIU nurse who is now training to be a paramedic for a reason she has been left at the alter and now desperately needs a green card and in walks the gorgeous Santiago working together brings them closer and Saorise is falling and falling hard for this man but it must be a marriage of convenience only Saorise has a lot to get over.

Santiago has returned home after life dealt him and his brothers a hard knock years before now after being away for many years in war zones as a Doctor it is time to make amends with his brothers but that is not easy for him and then he meets the Irish spitfire who makes him smile for the first time in a long time, will the spark between them light up their worlds with love.

Oh what a beauty MS O'Neil has bought, us this is a fabulous story moving emotional and one that will make you laugh and smile the banter between Santi and Saorise is so good I smiled throughout and can highly recommend this one it really does tick all of the boxes for a great medical romance woohoo loved it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published December 20th 2016 by Harlequin

White Christmas for the Single Mum by Susanne Hampton

White Christmas for the Single Mum

Christmas Miracles in Maternity #3

Susanne Hampton

White Christmas for the Single Mom by Susanne Hampton

Reviewed by Helen

MS Hampton has done it again penned a beautiful story that ticks all of the boxes for a medical romance that you are not going to want to put down.

Juliette Turner is a single Mum living in Perth Australia she is also a very gifted in-utero surgeon who has been flown to the wonderful Teddy's Hospital in The Cotswolds England to perform surgery on quads. This will be a first for Juliette and her 4 year old daughter Bea visiting England, a white Christmas and maybe the chance for a fabulous future when Juliette meets the quads mother's Ob-Gyn and the sparks fly.

Dr Charlie Warren is a fabulous Doctor he is tall and very handsome is a widow and plans to stay that way he will never get over losing his wife and the future they had planned and now with Christmas fast approaching and the entrance of a new Doctor that will maybe doing surgery he is not to keen on Charlie's life as he knows it is about to be turned upside down in a good way.

This one is a beauty of a story filled with emotions it is moving and so very heart-warming the characters are bought to life and are so real the setting is just wow and the chemistry between Juliette and Charlie will light up the pages add in a gorgeous four year old and you have a keeper.

5/5 stars for a beautiful Story

Published December 1st 2016 by Harlequin Medical Romance

Reviewed by Nas Dean

WHITE CHRISTMAS FOR THE SINGLE MUM by author Susanne Hampton is a December 2016 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Juliet Turner is called from Australia to consult and perform a life-saving operation on a pregnant woman in UK. But Dr. Charles Warren is against the surgery. Even though he is against Juliet’s way of thinking, he is attracted to Juliet and is being pulled toward her small daughter.
Charles is not ready to move from past grief. But the love of a small girl and her beautiful mum makes him yearn for normalcy again.

WHITE CHRISTMAS FOR THE SINGLE MUM is about second chance at love. It’s also a story about moving from past grief and opening hearts up for some love and romance. Author Susanne Hampton brought this sweet story to life on the pages which would hook readers till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

A ROYAL BABY FOR CHRISTMAS by author Scarlet Wilson is a December 2016 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Sienna McDonald finds she is left with consequences after her passionate fling with Prince Sebastian Falco. Now she has to decide her next step. Because Sebastian is here now and he is making demands of his own. Would she take what is offered? Could she?

A ROYAL BABY FOR CHRISTMAS is a sensational story. Author Scarlet Wilson once again brought this emotional story which would keep a reader engrossed.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.